Review: World of Warcraft Armory


Aug 21, 2009
World of Warcraft Armory, by Blizzard
****, $0.00 (Free)

?Intuitive and smooth interface
?Ton of content outside of just character profiles
?Very responsive and user-friendly

?Not very customizable
?Sometimes shows too much information, such as deleted characters

The Warcraft Armory app is a great reference tool. It is much like the web-based armory in that it will list characters, their stats, items, talents, etc... But it also has features that one may not expect to come with a mobile version. I honestly thought it would just have character lookups, but you can also navigate guild rosters, achievements, items and where to get them, as well as other useful areas of the game.

I would love to see this app updated over time with more information such as maps and quests. The inclusion of the achievements surprised me, and it's nice to do comparisons with other characters from your phone. You're able to save profiles as a "favorite", allowing you to quickly reference it at any time. Definetly a quintessential Warcraft app, and the great price of "free" makes it all the more appealing.

I've found myself just perusing through my characters and friend's characters during work downtime. Actually somewhat entertaining to keep up on a friend's progress while they're playing (it's not realtime, FYI. It updates when the character logs out). Any World of Warcraft player should give it a look.