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Review: Video Panorama


Forum App Reviewer
Sep 21, 2008
Video Panorama is an application that allows you to take video using your iPhone 3GS and turn it into a panorama.


-Simple & Easy to use interface
-Lines on screen during capture help keep you videoing in a straight line.
-Multiple qualities to choose from (small, medium & large)
-Quick start-up option
-Shoot/Use video from landscaped or portrait taken video.

-Vertical resolution is low
-No auto-save after creating a panorama


[iTunes Link]

Video Panorama allows you to take a video with your iPhone or use a pre-recorded video. It then automatically selects frames from the video to be used in the panorama, stitches them together and then allows you to save the image to your library.


The interface is fairly simple, you tap to select whether you want to load a previous recorded video or record one currently, then after you take the video, you have the option to trim it, then the app converts it into panorama. The one thing I wish this app did - auto save the panorama. You actually have to tap the "floppy disk" icon in order to save the panorama. Of course after creating the panorama you have the option to e-mail your beautiful landscape to make a friend jealous... Or whatever you panorama might be...

Click image to see full resolution.


Lastly the application has a few settings that allow you to set the camera to come up on startup, record video in 3 different qualities and enable the ability to save your video to the camera roll.


For anyone wanting good-high-quality images, this probably not the app for you, but if you don't mind the lower resolution photos and rather go withmspeed of process, then this is an app for you! The app is as simple as you can get and works really well and is by far one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a panorama on your iPhone!