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Jul 5, 2008
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A while back, I received the Units application (here). This is a program that costs $.99, and I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Since then, another conversion program, also called "Units" has appeared. This one is free, so I thought I would review it just to compare the two.

This Units program is a very straighforward design. You open the app, choose what type of measurement, and you see a series of blank fields. You enter your measurement in the appropriate field (for example, I entered 32 in the temperature field below) and it automatically converts that measurement to every other type in the category.

If you enter 1 pound, it will tell you how much that is in grams, kilograms, stone, ounces, etc.

This is a very easy design, and one that can convey a lot of information. You do not need to choose your measurements that you want to convert, so you have the option of viewing multiple conversions at once.

Generally this is a good thing. If in my lab, for example, I am trying to find the easiest scale to use, I can see whih scale is going to be more accurate for any given weight (don't really want to weigh 0.1 mg on a gram scale!). But this can occasionally also present some problems. If I want to find a specific conversion, I may have to (horror of horrors) actually swipe my finger to find the appropriate unit that I am looking for.

This is a great program, very easy to use, and conveys just about all the information that I could be looking for. I think the other Units program has slightly more categories (16 to this programs 13 categories), but this program also offers a simply ruler function. The previous Units program has a nicer interface (ie, slightly more details, looks like a calculator) but this one is very simplistic and easier to figure out.

I actually have both of these on my iPhone. This one is free, and does everything you could want, so I kept it on my phone. Since I already paid for the other (and it has a couple more unit conversions) I kept it as well.

Pros: Simple to figure out and use
Cons: Lacking a few unit conversions that are found in other programs.

All in all, since it is free and there is no reason NOT to get it, I would recommend this program for anyone that could see themselves using a units converter. I give this program 5 out of 5 stars.


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