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May 31, 2008
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As a (procrastinating) college student, I'm always in search of an app to make me more organized. Sure there are dozens of To-Do lists on the App Store, but which is the best? I stumbled upon 'Things' and quickly found it to be exactly what I needed/wanted. It's a well designed (there's a reason it won Best of Show at Macworld) and simple, task manager. Think of it as a regular To-Do list on steroids. Many other similar apps are cluttered and not-so user friendly. 'Things' seems to excel where these apps fail. Now, I know some of you won't pay $9.99 for a To-Do list, but if you think you'll use it everyday like me, it's well worth the price.

What I consider the two killer features of this app are the desktop counterpart ($49.95) and the tagging system. The desktop app allows you to sync over the air everything you need to get done. It's very easy to set up and everything is kept up to date both on the desktop and on your iPhone. Changes are kept up to date regardless of the platform. Tags are incredibly useful. Say you have multiple classes or areas in your life that you often have tasks to complete, 'Things' make it able to classify these so you can see what you need to do in those areas.

Every task can be put in certain categories. (Read more about those here: Managing Your Levels of Commitment - Things Wiki) I find these convenient because you can see what has to be done today, what can wait awhile, and what is scheduled. Moving items between different categories is simple to do and makes things easier than deleting and making a new task. You can turn the badge icon on too, so every task you need to complete today shows up on the home screen which is helpful at a glance. Every task can also be assigned a tag, notes, and due date. The notes useful for information I'll forget if I don't write it down.

'Things' is invaluable to people who put things off or anyone that just wants to be a little more organized. Cultured Code seems to be listening to its users and already has put out a few updates in its relatively short life. It's nice to see developers eager to release new features and so involved with the user base. I recommend everyone at least check out their website if you're interested. The screencast they have posted might answer some questions I didn't.

Screenshot of the desktop client.

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