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Review: Tank Warrior


Forum App Reviewer
Sep 21, 2008
Tank Warrior is a 2D side-scrolling retro-style shot 'em up.


In the game, you select a level (all levels are unlocked to begin with)

You mission – Destroy all enemies!

Mostly your enemies consist of “plastic army men” figures shooting little orange balls at you. (there are3 also helicopters). The green ones- one shot kills them; red ones are killed with two shots; gold ones are killed with 3 shots. Others take 5 or more shots. As you kill each enemy you may or may not receive power ups or as I called them “crates of goodness” If they have a letter on them they are for ammo power ups, others have a red cross on them and these help your health bar.


In the top left-hand corner you have a health bar, bottom left-hand corner, you have you ammo type and count. By tapping on this, you can rotate the different ammos you currently have (normal shot, rapid shots, spray shot, and rockets). In the bottom right-hand corner, you have your pause button. You can then continue the game or quit to the game-home screen. You control the tank by tilting the iPhone in that correlating direction. As for shooting and aiming, you just need to tap on your enemies.


Game play:
My main concern was that – all the levels are unlocked and I didn't feel like I was playing to accomplish anything...i was just playing. It would have been nice to have just one level unlocked an the other become unlocked as you beat the previous level. After awhile I found myself get bored as the surroundings became redundant to me.
I also felt that “my enemies” were a little too small for aiming at, this might cause problems if you have trouble seeing small items on the screen, however, the colors between the enemies and their surround normally contrasted, so this did help a bit.


The sound and music in this game reminded my of the original Nintendo games. The “bullet” hits are nothing close to explosion nor gunfire, they are single tones (reference video). While even though I thought this was weird at first it began to grow on me as the music also has the same themed music Nintendo-like music (MIDI.)

Graphics are simple 2D graphics and the textures seem to have been created in Paint. Don't get me wrong I not saying they are crappy, what I am getting at is the fact that they are very simple textures.


Overall this is a nice game, however, I didn't feel like I was playing for anything....I wanted to be able to unlock things or other things to that nature. I also felt that even though I had it one easy, none of the preceding levels felt harder for me. If you are one of thoose people that like to play retro-like-Nintendo games, then this should be enjoyable for you; otherwise, I'd wait a bit. I 'd like to see the unlocking of levels rather than picking which level I want to play on.

-Simple “retro” 2D scrolling game
-Sound and music add to user experience
-Harder levels = better experience.

-Lack of “playing-to-get-something”
-Army men, seemed small
-Army men, never changed shape or form, just color