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Jul 5, 2008
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About one month ago, I was tossing around ideas with my brother in law for a game on the iPhone - a tangrams game, where you could make the shapes. As the time, there weren't any, and now I think there are two or three.


Anyway, I bought the "Tangrams" tangram game because I like the visual challenge of tangrams. I always liked geometry, and as such I always enjoys tangrams.

The game is very straighforward - you are given a shape that is shaded, and you try to match the pieces to form the shape. You select a piece, you can tap it to rotate it, or slide it around to position it in the puzzle. Once you make the puzzle, the game tells you good job, and you can move to the next.

A couple of comments.

First, by having the shaded puzzle on the "playing field" and placing pieces direclty on the shaded shape, it is easier to figure out how to position the pieces. It would be nice if they had a difficult mode where you could only see the shape, not position pieces directly on it.

Second, it is nice they have a hint button to reveal where one of the pieces goes. My idea for a hint was to have a piece appear in the shaded area as a different color - this game simply outlines the piece. Either works well.

Third, it would be nice if you could choose the puzzle you wanted to do, rather than simply randomly assiging one. Often the puzzles themselves are categorized based on difficulty, so you should be able to choose an easy, medium, or hard puzzle at the very least.

Lastly, a multi player mode would be great. Or even just competing to see how fast you can finish it. That would add to the challenge of the game, and make it a little more interesting.

This game is done well, but I think it could be done better. At $2.99, they are asking enough that I think they should give a little more in the game itself. I don't know if any of the other tangram games have any of these features, but the lack of these features is a definite minus in my opinion.

Pros: An enjoyable tangram game.
Cons: Lack of a multiplayer or timed mode, can't choose the puzzle, no difficulty selection.

All in all: Because of some of the features that I feel are lacking, coupled with the somewhat higher price of $2.99 (for such a simple game), I am only giving this 3 out of 5 stars.


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