[REVIEW] Speck Presidio Show for iPhone XS Max


Dec 25, 2011
The Speck Presidio Show is much like the Presidio Stay Clear with a couple of big differences. The Presidio Show gives you a clear back, however, it also has colored edges. Like the Stay Clear, the Show has two layers of protections being the polycarbonate body and IMPACTIUM. One of the differences between the Stay Clear and Show is that the Show has ten-foot drop protection rather than the eight-foot of the Stay Clear. The Presidio Show is also less slick than the Stay Clear because the sides are colored and aren't as slick. The clear back is just as slick though. This leads to the next big differences, which are the buttons. The buttons on the Presidio Show are a little mushy, but much more tactile, you can clearly tell when you've pressed a button. You still have a raised lip over the screen for face first drop protection. All the cutouts are the same as all Speck cases, meaning they are all large enough to be problem free except for the mute switch cutout being a little tight. I have to say, the Presidio Show is a great case with a clear back. It's quite comfortable to hold and the bottom edge isn't sharp like it is on the Stay Clear. The Presidio Show also comes with the Speck lifetime warranty.

The Presidio Show is a much nicer case to use than the Stay Clear because the sides of the case offer much more grip. The Show still suffers from the slickness of the clear back, which makes me not want to use it as a daily case. I've stated in other reviews that I just don't like the slickness of these cases. If you want a clear case though, you have to make that sacrifice for the clear back being slick. The Presidio Show does have that ten-foot protection if you were to drop your phone and the Speck lifetime warranty. These should definitely help you feel more secure using the Show. My only issue with the Show is the slickness of the back since the buttons are much more tactile than the Stay Clear. You know when you've hit the buttons on the Show. Speck makes solid cases, and by that I mean you can tell you have a case on your phone. That's both good and bad because it can feel like the case is bigger than it is, but you also feel the protection it offers.


The Good
  • Comfortable
  • Ten-foot drop protection
  • Shows off the color of your phone

The Bad
  • Buttons are a little mushy
  • Mute switch cutout is tight
  • Back is a little slick


If you're looking for a clear case to show off your phone and you're debating between the Presidio Stay Clear and the Presidio Show, I'm going to say go for the Show. Overall the Presidio Show is a much better case. The comfortability of the case with better drop protection and more tactile buttons make the Show a great option. I can definitely recommend the Presidio Show for anyone wanting a clear case. Check it out on Speck's website here.
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