[REVIEW] Speck Presidio Pro for iPhone XS Max


Dec 25, 2011
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Of the three Speck cases I have, the Presidio Pro is by far my favorite. Like the other Speck cases I have, the Presidio Pro features two layers of protection being the polycarbonate body and IMPACTIUM. However, the Pro also has an antimicrobial coating. I don't know how to test how well it works, but even if it works for a while it's a great feature. Killing germs that come into contact with the case is always a great feature. Like all Speck cases, all the cutouts are really well done except the mute switch cutout, which could be wider. The Presidio Pro also has ten-foot drop protection as well as the Speck lifetime warranty. What I really like about the Pro is the feel of the case, it's a soft-touch polycarbonate that has enough grip to feel safe and comfortable. I did notice that the polycarbonate will smudge up if you have dirty or greasy fingers, however, it will also clean quite easily as well. As Speck is fond of, the case extends past the screen to offer face first drop protection. The buttons on the Pro are also satisfying tactile, they are not mushy at all, just clicky. The protection with the comfortability makes the Presidio Pro a fantastic case.


Unlike the other Speck cases I have, the Presidio Pro is a dream to use. The soft-touch polycarbonate offers much more grip than the smoother polycarbonate of their clear cases. All polycarbonate is a little slick, however, it's minimal on the Pro. You always feel like you have a nice solid grip on your phone. As I mentioned there is no way for me to test the antimicrobial claims, but it's nice to know it's there. As with other Speck cases, you know you have a case on your phone with the Pro. Again, like other Speck cases, you can feel the protection the Pro offers. It's a freeing feeling knowing you have ten-foot drop protection and a lifetime warranty. The Presidio Pro made me rethink my stance on Speck because it's just that good of a case. I really can't say enough how comfortable the Pro is despite its size. The button tactility is the best I've ever felt on a Speck case too. The Pro ranks up there in my top case choices.


The Good
  • Antimicrobial
  • Comfortable
  • Ten-foot drop protection

The Bad
  • Mute switch cutout is tight
  • Smudges a little easy
  • A little hard to remove


The Presidio Pro is by far one of the best Speck cases I've ever used. I've been hesitant to use Speck cases the last few years, but Speck has actually improved their case designs since the last time I used one. I like to see a company make improvements. Speck still has a couple of cases I would like to check out at some point, but for now, the Presidio Pro is definitely my top choice. If you're thinking about a Speck case, I highly recommend you check out the Presidio Pro. You can check it out on Speck's website here.

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