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Jul 5, 2008
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SimpleNote is, well, a simple note application. It is designed to do one thing, and do one thing simply - take notes.

When you start the program, you are show a split screen. The top half shows the list of notes (the titles). The bottom have is a preview screen where you can read a note.

To read a note, you simply (I will be using that word a lot in this review) tap the title, and the note appears in the preview screen. Flick through the note to read it all. If you have a lot of notes, you can simply flick through the various titles until you get to the one you want.

Above the title list, you have a search bar. This search bar enables you to search for any word of phrase in existing note (either in the title or text). Simply type the word and the matching notes will appear.

To enter a new note, type the title of the note in the search bar and hit return. This will bring you to the new note screen, where you can type the text for the body of the note.

Once a note is entered, you can edit it by simply tapping the text of the note in the preview screen. To delete a note, you go to the edit screen, and choose the delete option.

That's it. Simple, huh. There are no options to choose, no settings you can alter - you can simply add, view, edit, or delete notes.

The biggest feature in this program is the ability to search your notes. By typing in key words or phrases, you can easily find the note you are looking for. In this sense it is much better than the included notes application that comes with the iPhone. The other feature that this program has is the ability to preview notes without actually going to a different screen. You can select a note and start reading it, and if you have the wrong note, you can simply select another one. Simple.

Beyond that, however, this program doesn't really seem to offer much beyond the included notes application. There is no way to sort notes, no way to save them or email them. So the only real features that would entice someone to use this program are the search option (which I agree is useful) and the preview option (which has limited use, in my opinion). It really isn't too difficult to select a note and go to a new screen to read it, but if for some reason that is too much tapping or too time consumming, this application may be for you.

Pros: Simple, simple, simple, nice search feature, ability to read notes quickly

Cons: So simple it lacks some obvious functions

For $1.99, this program seems overpriced to me. The search feature is very nice, and if you are someone who has a LOT of notes it can certainly save time rather than scroll through the entire list. But because it lacks any additional features (including sorting and emailing notes) the functionaility of the program is limited. It may be beneficial to some people, but for a large audience, the added benefit of the search feature doesn't amount to much. Because of the limited audience and the price, I am only giving this two out of five stars.

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