[REVIEW] Roborock S6


Dec 25, 2011
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It's Not A Roomba
Let's face it, when you think of a robot vacuum, you think of Roomba. Well, my friends, the Roborock S6 may be a robot vacuum, but a Roomba it is not. For starters, it is a little pricey, let's just get that out of the way. At $650 it has some expectations to live up to. You do get a decent bit for the price tag though. In the box, you get a docking station to charge the Roborock S6, and it even has a floor protector if needed. The Roborock S6 also comes with an extra air filter, a water filter, a disposable mop cloth, a mounting plate for the disposable mop cloth, a standard mop cloth, and an adjustable water tank. The dust bin sits neatly beneath a flap on the top of the S6, and as it is a small vacuum, the dust bin is also small. You may find you need to clean it out after every vacuum, which isn't a deal-breaker by any means. You'll also find the wifi indicator light right by the dust bin. Why does a robot vacuum need wifi? For the app of course. The app took me a few days to get set up. I had a very hard time getting the verification code to create my account. I'm not sure what caused the issue there, however, I did it get sorted out. The app is great as it allows you to see the map that your S6 has generated. How does it generate the map in the first place? The Roborock S6 uses a fancy laser array that sits on top of the unit. It's fun the first few uses as the S6 will indeed run into everything until it knows where it can go.


Back in the app, you can check for firmware updates and see notifications as well. One of the best parts of the app, and the map, are zones. Zones are great if you have a larger home, or just need to clean a certain area. You can draw out different zones and just have specified areas cleaned. There are also more settings within the app, such as Do Not Disturb, which will prevent the voice from playing and it will not run the vacuum during a schedule. Yes, you can set your vacuum to clean on a schedule as well. You can name your S6 if you wish, set carpet mode and gentle mode which will adjust how the S6 cleans. I had kept getting errors about the main brush being clogged when it wasn't, however, after I turned on carpet mode, I haven't gotten those erroneous error messages. Under the maintenance tab, you can see the approximate life span of the parts on your S6, like the filter and brushes. There's even a cleaning history so you can see when the S6 cleaned and how long it took. Of course, there is a way to contact support if needed as well. The Roborock S6 is more than a vacuum too, it is also a mop. I did not try out the mopping feature yet. I don't live in the largest home and it's mostly carpet, except for some small areas of laminate floors. I would need to set up zones and change it up to mop those small areas and switch back to the vacuum afterward.


That being said though, other than the false errors I received the first few times I used the S6, it has been a solid little vacuum even if there are some things it can’t clean...*cough* couch *cough*. The S6 also won't be able to clean around the baseboards, so there are some things you'll still need a regular vacuum for. However, if you're a fairly clean person and just need to run a general clean, the S6 is fantastic. You can just let it run and get on doing other things while it cleans up your carpets. I never thought I'd be one to get a robot vacuum, after using the S6 though, it's hard to imagine not having one. I'll admit, that price tag is a bit hard to swallow, however, you do get three color options as well. It comes in white, black, and silver. I can't forget to mention other smart features such as no-go zones. A no-go zone is another setting within the maps that lets you create walls that the S6 won't cross. For the smart home people out there, the S6 will also work with Amazon Alexa. Yep, you can ask Alexa to vacuum your home for you.


The Good
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Quiet
  • Can mop as well

The Bad
  • A bit expensive
  • App might give trouble during setup
  • May give some false errors

Bottom line: The Roborock S6 is a multifunctional cleaner with lasers. Those lasers help the S6 do its job very well, as well as the design. The most ridiculous part is that I only gave you the cliff notes on what the S6 can do. I also don't use it to its full potential. Since I haven't used robot vacuums in the past, I have nothing to compare it to, however, after using it, I can say I will be looking to Roborock in the future when I need to get a new robot vacuum. You can find all kinds of information on the Roborock S6 on Roborock's website here and you can purchase the S6 from Amazon here.
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