[Review] RhinoShield Mod NX case for the iPhone XS and XS Max


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May 31, 2014
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RhinoShield is known for its tough CrashGuard cases but lately, RhinoShield has also made new product offerings that not only give solid protection to your iPhone but also premium style and finish we all crave when using protective cases. In that regards, along with the RhinoShield SolidSuit case, RhinoShield's Mod NX case provides the ultimate customization options for your case along with the solid protection you need.


- Solid protection
- Highly customizable with various options to choose from
- Well crafted with premium finish

- Clear backplate attracts lots of fingerprints
- Pricier if you customize every option

The key difference between the SoildSuit case and the Mod NX case is that you can mix and match the backplates and you get colorful frames and rims to match your style. There are seven colorful shades available for the frames and a variety of designs for your backplate style to choose from.


Another huge advantage of choosing a Mod NX over the SolidSuit case is that you can use it as either a standard case with the backplate or just as a bumper case with the rim. Having this choice is pretty neat as sometimes I want to choose a minimal case design and the bumper case is perfect for those occasions. You still get the all-around protection from either choice.

Along with the frames, rims, and backplates, the side buttons are also customizable. You can get side buttons in a variety of colors to match your color choice of the frame and the rim.


Do note that when using the case as a bumper case, you don't get a backplate. However, the rims do have raised edges and should protect from solid surfaces. I wouldn't recommend placing your phone on uneven surfaces like rocks when using the bumper case though.


The case overall feels great to hold and it provides good grip all around the edges unlike the previous generation of the Mod case for the iPhone X.


Whether you are using the Mod case as a standard case or as a bumper case, you will find the fit to be perfect. On the front, the case does provide good protection to the screen with raised edges. The side buttons are surprisingly soft and easier to use with good haptic feedback.


The cutouts for the charging port and the camera also provide good protection with raised edges.


I got the Clear backplate for review. While the clear backplate does not succumb to scratches easily (unlike previous year's backplate model), I did find that it attracts lots of fingerprints. That's probably the downside of choosing a clear backplate. The fingerprints do go away with a simple wipe. That said, you can choose from various other designs if you are not happy with the clear backplate.

Overall, I am quite impressed with the Mod NX. It is a solid improvement over last years Mod case for the iPhone X. With the options to customize the frames, rims, backplate, and side buttons, you can now completely make this case your own.

You can buy the case directly from RhinoShield's website starting from $37.99 USD.
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Nov 2, 2009
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Thought about one of these very briefly, but the naked phone feels so nice. So I have a thin bumper on the phone just enough so it lays flat when I put it down.

Did you get the camera lenses? That was what drew me to possibly getting this case.


Dec 25, 2011
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Nice review, the only thing that bugs me a little about these now is having to spend more to get what you want. And more than that if you want the lenses too.

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