[REVIEW REDUX] Rhinoshield SolidSuit and Tempered Glass Screen Protector (7 Plus)


Dec 25, 2011
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Wow, that title is a mouthful. You may or may not remember my first review of the Rhinoshield SolidSuit, and I've got another one. Why? I wanted to compare the quality and finishes. I had issues with installing my carbon fiber SolidSuit, which I pre-ordered. So now I have a brushed aluminum SolidSuit after the initial sales have gone through for pre-orders. There is a difference, a pretty big difference. I'm sure some of it is the finish though. So what exactly is different?


For starters, it has a couple panels of brushed aluminum instead of carbon fiber. That is pretty noticeable, and yes, the aluminum panels are fingerprint magnets. You will see them everywhere. That being said, they aren't as slick as you would expect and are actually really comfortable. Aside from that, the rubber material that makes up the bulk of the case is softer than on my carbon fiber SolidSuit. It's a really comfortable rubber and there is another manufacturer that has the same kind of rubber material, but I can't think of who it is. Regardless, it is quite comfortable and I know I've been saying that a lot. The brushed aluminum panels sit in flush with the rubber on the back and you won't be grabbing onto the corners of them.

The next difference is the buttons. I liked the buttons on my carbon fiber SolidSuit. They were a little stiff but quite tactile. The brushed aluminum case I have now is a dream to use. They line up perfectly, with a very satisfying click with the tactility and press in so smoothly. Definitely some of the best buttons I've ever used on a case.

Lastly, and most importantly, installation of the case is much better. On my carbon fiber SolidSuit, I have to physically peel the front edges back to get my phone in. Not so with the brushed aluminum, it goes in smoothly. Especially if you follow the directions. It is so nice, I'm actually upset I didn't go with the brushed aluminum the first time around. As nice as everything sounds in my carbon fiber review, it's all better on the brushed aluminum SolidSuit.


The Good
Incredibly comfortable
Soft rubber material
Satisfyingly tactile buttons

The Bad
Fingerprint magnet
Only two color options
Not dock compatible

The 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector
The Rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector is the last Rhinoshield product I had left to try out. Personally, I'm not a fan. That's not saying it's not good because it most definitely is. The Rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector is an edge-to-edge screen protector so it befalls the fate of all other edge-to-edge screen protectors. No matter how perfectly you install it, the black border...still...covers...part of the screen. In most cases that won't be a problem, but I notice it, and I really notice it in an app I use multiple times a day. This one thing alone is why I avoid all edge-to-edge screen protectors. Other than that, the Rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector adds a new annoyance for me. It's a thick screen protector, thicker than you think. This causes the home button to be depressed rather deeply and causes some issues when trying to use just the TouchID sensor. I've looked this screen protector over numerous times to ensure it is indeed centered over the home button, and it is. Installation is simple and smooth, Rhinoshield even gives you a large dust removal sticker and a micro fiber cloth. It took me just a couple minutes to clean my phone and install it. I mentioned that the screen protector is thick; this will definitely aid in protecting your phone. The glass itself is treated with an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges and it feels great. I have had no issues with screen usability at all. If you don't mind edge-to-edge screen protectors and the thickness of this one, it's a fantastic screen protector.


The Good
Oleophobic coating
Thick to aid protection
No screen issues

The Bad
Thickness may cause issues with TouchID
Edge-to-edge slightly covers screen
Needs to be installed nearly perfectly

I absolutely love Rhinoshield and their products and I will always recommend them to people who want to protect their phones. The SolidSuit is just the latest offering which affords a more premium look without the premium cost. The brushed aluminum model is by far the most comfortable Rhinoshield case I've ever used. At $35 the SolidSuit is still cheaper than a standard name brand case. All SolidSuits only have the options of white or black unfortunately. The brushed aluminum is definitely a better option than the carbon fiber in my opinion. The tempered glass screen protector is great if you like edge-to-edge protectors and don't mind the thickness of it. Unfortunately, I will be removing it to review another screen protector that I like even more. However, it really is a great screen protector and as long as you install following the directions you won't be disappointed. You can buy the SolidSuit for $35, and tempered glass screen protector for $25 here. This case and screen protector were sent to me by Rhinoshield to review and I thank them for that.
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