[REVIEW REDUX] Rhinoshield CrashGuard and Impact Protection Screen/Back Protectors (7 Plus)


Dec 25, 2011
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Another long title, but worth it. You may or may not remember my first Rhinoshield CrashGuard review, but I have another one now. There's really one difference between my first review and this new CrashGuard, and it's pretty big. The fit on my new CrashGuard is so much better than my first one. One my first CrashGuard the sides are loose and flop around a little bit. This also causes an annoyance with using the buttons as they don't sit quite flush in the case. All of that is fixed on my new CrashGuard. The sides are not loose and because of that the buttons line up perfectly. The buttons are still a deeper press than you'd expect, but it's not bad at all. My new CrashGuard is the dark blue color and it goes really well with my matte black iPhone. I also find my new CrashGuard to be easier to install and remove. It also still has the same amazing 11 foot drop protection. I know it's hard to believe a bumper can protect your phone so well, but believe me it does. It's truly incredible what Rhinoshield did with this. But the best part of this review is diving into the Impact Protection protectors.

The Good
  • Fits nicely
  • 11 foot drop protection
  • Doesn't completely cover your phone

The Bad
  • May not work with docks
  • Feels a little weird on larger phones
  • Buttons press a little deep


Impact Protection: Hit It With A Hammer
But seriously, don't hit it with a hammer, it will warp the screen protector after a while. You can though, you can hit your phone with a hammer using the Impact Protection screen protector from Rhinoshield. I did it with my previous one, and that makes this my absolute favorite screen protector on the market. It is not an edge-to-edge screen protector, nor is it glass. It is a plastic screen protector, but it is so much better than the cheaper plastic screen protectors. It's even nicer than some other name brand plastic screen protectors. One thing to note is that the screen protector only protects if the screen protector is hit. If your phone happens to hit on the edge of the protector or just off of it, your phone will take the force. According to the packaging the Impact Protection screen protector absorbs five times more impact energy than normal screen protectors, is as thin as three sheets of printer paper, and has six layers of protection. Those layers of protection are fingerprint resistance, scratch resistance, impact dispersion, impact dampening, high strength, and zero residue adhesive. I'm not sure how some of those are protective, but nonetheless, I can attest to all of them. They claim it is shatterproof and offers perfect optical clarity, and again it's not glass so it won't shatter and I have no issues with clarity. Really, just try to damage your screen with this protector, it's that good. This also applies to the back protector, which is not the same as the other back protector that has a metallic finish. The back protector even has cutouts for the camera and flash. They are both really easy to install and apply with minimal initial air pockets as long as your device is clean before installation.

The Good
  • Incredibly protective
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn't hinder the screen

The Bad
  • Doesn't protect the edges of your phone
  • Not as smooth as glass
  • Multiple high impacts will warp it


Minimal coverage, maximum protection. That's what you get with a Rhinoshield CrashGuard and the Impact Protection screen and back protectors. Is there anything else that needs to be said? You can live with a brick over your phone that has a screen protector that doesn't sit flush, or you can have a bumper with flush mounted protectors and save money. The combination together only costs $49 for some of the best protection you can get on your phone, plus free standard shipping on orders over $40. So your total for the whole package is $49. That brick costs $60. You really can't go wrong with a Rhinoshield setup and you can buy the CrashGuard and the Impact Protection protectors from Rhinoshield right here. This case and the protectors were sent to me by Rhinoshield to review, and I thank them for that.
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