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Jul 5, 2008
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Okay, I admit it. I am a bit of a casino-game junkie. Even slot games, which (if you think about it) have no real merit outside of a casino. No thought process, no reward - here you are literally jus hitting a button to see pretty lights and hear pretty noises. And get fake money.

But for some reason I still like it.

I have been a fan of the Real Deal Slots franchise on my computer for quite some time. They make realistic slot games, and the new craze for bonus games in the slots is present as well.

They have ported this over to the iPhone quite well. Real Deal Slots comes with three slot variants: Bad Girls, Riches of the Rainforest, and Richochet. While all three are the basic 5-wheel bonus type games, each is a little different, with different graphics, bonus games, and scatter pays.

Just like the computer version, the iPhone version allows you to play with real world odds, or dream odds. Since it is fake anyway, I always play with dream odds.

The graphics and sound effects are nice, althoug for some reason they made an annoying image flutter across the screen for each of the slot machines (a leaf in the Jungle one, for example). My favorite slot game is the Riches in the Rainforest one, it has (IMO) the most interesting bonus game.

One thing that is missing is the *ching*ching*ching* of coins falling into the coin well when you cash out. Did you know that those are specifically designed to echoe the most sound!

You play the game in landscape mode only. I wish you could have the option, but it looks pretty nice in landscape mode. I also wish the pay tables were a little easier to read (you have to select each icon to read the payout).

Anyway, the game is $4.99. A little steep for only three slot machine (the computer version usually comes with about 20 games for $20). I wish they had included a couple more game machines, but it isn't too bad. And with all these casino games, can Real Deal Casino be far away?

Pros: Realistic graphics, good sound, good control of options
Cons: It isn't real money...but oh well. Landscape mode only.

All in all: If you like slot machines, this is probably the best one out there for the iPhone right now. I give it 4 stars out of 5, mostly knocking it down because it only comes with three machines, plus the other problems mentioned above.


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