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Hendri Hendri

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Feb 1, 2015
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I?ve been searching quite lots of alternative solution to stream my non DRM digital movie collections from my mac (connected to external hdd) to my tv. The simplest way is to connect my macbook with hdmi dongle to my tv, play the movies on macbook and watch the movies from my tv, but I kind of hate of the idea that all cables hanging around, and movies running both on my macbook and tv as well.

I?ve been searching ways to stream wirelessly, and the easiest way is to buy apple TV, but that?s not a nice option for me, since I don?t own one, and my cable internet provider uses tv box with android OS. The idea to buy another apple device just to stream my own movies library to my tv is just silly.

Then I found out about Plex (which I believe many have known).

Here?re the advantages that I like about PLEX (as per my needs)
1. easy set up, no headache for advance tweaking server or else. Just install Plex server app on your mac, sign up, sign in, add your movies library, install plex app on your android tv box, sign in, and you are set to go
2. I must say, it?s a beautiful interface for your movie collection, since Plex will fetch any metadata from internet, such as synopsis, rating, etc
3. You can edit any information of your digital movies file, posters, background, etc
4. Your iphoto, itunes and music video are also available on your tv screen.
5. Able to stream outside your home wifi network (never tried it though since I don?t have a capable internet connection to do that)
6. Capabilities to tweak setting for audio, resolution, subtitles, metadata, etc
7. Internet Channel, since this is Plex, as well as XBMC or Kodi, we can easily add channels of library online fr streaming tv shows, movies, etc

Wish to have feature :
1. Not able to edit our digital movies Collection data by group/selection (eg. tag, series, etc)
2. Grouping our digital movies by tag data. My solution is to group into playlist manually (need times to do that, but if it?s the only way to make a nice and groupped movies collection as we wish, it?s worth it) - or by Collection ? (not sure what?s the feature of collection, since I can?t found any sort applied for collection section)
3. Plex media server installed on macbook, app is launched through web browser. If it has dependent app would be nice

What I loved about PLEX is, they allowed us to installed the app/server and try the basic feature for free. I really appreciate this, since IMHO all app should be have free trial with several limitation, so we could have idea what actually the app does. If we?re satisfied, they we can pay for the price.

They have several type of subscription for us to use full features, or we can just pay for the android app to play our movies but lack of some cloud feature. Quite an options and we can choose which fit our needs.

All information can be found at their website https://forums.imore.com/e?link=htt...l=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.plex.tv%2F&token=ttgCXtSp

Well, that?s short review from my own opinion after using Plex, and I found it?s one alternative to stream your digital movie collections from your macbook to tv, using android box tv. If you have NAS installed, supposedly you can stream directly from your NAS as well

Please feel free to correct my review or add any useful comment ;)

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