Review: PapiJump


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Jul 5, 2008
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Parents - when you are playing with your iPhone, does you kid lean over your shoulder to see what you are doing? And then does she want to take the iPhone and play herself. Or is that just me?

Anyway, I have found that I have been downloading a fair number of games for my daughter to play. One of these is PapiJump. Basically, in this game you are a bouncing ball, and you try to keep jumping up from platform to platform.

And keep jumping up.

And keep jumping up.

And keep jumping...well, you get the idea. The higher you jump, the more points you get, and the fewer platforms there are. You keep going up, until you miss a platform, and fall......and the game is over.

Simple idea, simple execution. And for a game that I got for my daughter to play, I find myself playing it surprisingly often. Hey...I gotta beat my high score!

The graphics are simply and straight forward. Nothing fancy, just a bouncing red ball with a smiley face. It makes great use of the accelorometer to guide the ball, making it easy for kids to play. Tilt the iPhone, the ball falls in that direction!

This game is free, and if you have kid, I strongly recommend getting it. At least that way you can let them play, and maybe they will leave you alone when you play Spore (my daughter keeps want me to get more spikes) !

Pros: Simple interface, easy to play
Cons: Nothing really, it's a pretty basic idea

All in all: For free, and for kids, this game is great. Go get it. Five out of five stars.