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Review: Pano


Forum App Reviewer
Sep 21, 2008
Pano is a simple (yet complex) and impressive application that allows you to take pictures and stitch them together on your iPhone.


Holding the iPhone in a horizontal position you can take up to 4 pictures, then stitch them together as one photo.


When taking the 2nd through the 4th, the right side of the screen shows a transparency of the previous photo to help you line up the photo.


I was very surprised at the blending and exposure control in the program.

The panoramas are then automatically saved in the photo roll.


Here are a few panoramas I took yesterday.



The main problem I ran into was that after saving the first panorama, I had to exit then re-enter the application in order to take another panorama. Other than that, I really enjoyed running around taking panoramas.


-Easy Interface
-Very easy to operate & create panoramas
-Great blending & exposure control


-Inconvenient to create a new panorama right after the last one was saved.



Just as a reference I have been stitching panoramas together for some time now, including some that are Giga pixels in size (yeah, that?s a lot of Mega pixels.)

To see one of the panoramas that I have created, click here. The image is fairly large...you've been warned :D

You can also see more panoramas that I have taken with the application along with more screenshots here.