REVIEW: Pad and Quill Woodline Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus

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May 1, 2012
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REVIEW: Pad & Quill Woodline Case

If you're familiar with the high quality, premium mobile accessory market you've probably heard of Pad & Quill. The company has a long standing history of bringing beautiful, hand-made, uniquely designed products to the sophisticated tech enthusiast looking for something that stands out from the crowd. The nice folk over at Pad & Quill were gracious enough to send me a rosewood Woodline case for iPhone 6/6s Plus and it quickly became my go-to case.



I don't usually focus on product packaging in my reviews but I'll have to make an exception for Pad & Quill. It looks like it came straight out of an episode of Game of Thrones, complete with an actual wax seal. It's. So. Cool. The medieval tech dweeb inside me screamed with excitement at first glance. Whether you're on team Lannister or Team Stark, you'll appreciate Pad & Quill's originality. I was impressed before I even opened the box. I broke open the strap, opened the box, and there was my iPhone case. So not only is the packaging awesome, but it's super easy to open. There aren't many things more annoying to me than packaging that requires Valyrian steel to open it. That was the last Game of Thrones reference, I promise. Now, on to the case!



The Woodline case offers a simple yet sophisticated design. And by simple, I mean SIMPLE. The shell is made from real hardwood that's been hand crafted into a beautiful iPhone case and signed on the inside by its craftsman. I don't personally know "QW" but he or she makes great iPhone cases. It looks like, well, wood. Nice wood too, not the stuff you find glued onto the outside of your IKEA TV stand. Pad & Quill's love of the outdoors shines through in this case. I couldn't help but feel more in touch with nature. Despite its very natural appearance, the Woodline offers a unique contrast to the modern design of the iPhone. Instead of fighting against the iPhone's design, it compliments it. Rather than hiding your iPhone behind plastic, it provides subtle protection with fantastic design that sets your iPhone apart from the crowd. The Woodline's simplicity extends to its ease of use. The cutouts for the buttons and ports are huge, making them easily accessible. There's really no reason the Woodline should get in the way of your headphones or third party lightning cables.

I was sent a Rosewood case but the Woodline comes in American Cherry, Premium American Walnut, and Zebra Wood. Each grain is unique in color and pattern and, because the case is made from natural hardwood, no two cases look exactly alike. You're truly protecting your iPhone with something that's one of a kind. Awesome.




Despite it's thin form factor?it's less than a millimeter thick?the Woodline is incredibly strong. I mean, it's wood. After a month of daily use my case showed no signs of wear. According to Pad & Quill, the Woodline is five times stronger than steel at the same weight thanks to its super strong Aramid polymer core. It grips tightly around the iPhone and doesn't let go so you can rest assured that this case won't fly off during a drop. I actually found the case really difficult to remove. Nonetheless, it's flexible enough to eventually let go of its kung fu grip with a good amount of prying. Putting the case on, on the other hand, is super easy. The Woodline snaps right on. How about drop protection? Well, the Woodline is great for everyday bumps and bruises but I wouldn't exactly send it into battle. If you do happen to drop your iPhone, cross your fingers that it lands with the screen facing up because the Woodline doesn't have a lip that protects the screen like many other cases. The curved edges of the 6 and 7 series iPhones feel so good in the hand and the Woodline doesn't take anything away from the experience. I had no problem swiping from all different directions from the very edges of the screen. Woot!



Pad & Quill's Woodline case lives up to the company's reputation for building really nice, high quality accessories. It's beautiful and sophisticated. Its natural design provides a great contrast to the iPhone's modern design. I've owned dozens of phone cases and this is easily on my Top 3 list. If you're taking your iPhone skydiving or rapelling off of a cliff I wouldn't recommend the Woodline. If you want a case that makes its presence known but stays out of the way while gently protecting your device from everyday wear and tear the Woodline is an excellent solution. At $49.95 for the 6/6s Plus model, the Woodline is in line with Apple's premium case offerings. It isn't cheap but with superb craftsmanship and Pad & Quill's reputation for making really great stuff, the Woodline is a worthy investment.

The Woodline case is also available for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.


Beautiful and unique
Easy access to buttons and ports
Adds very little to the size and weight of the iPhone

No screen protection
Little drop protection
It ain't cheap

For more information, or to pick up one of one of these bad boys for yourself, visit
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Jun 7, 2010
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Nice review! I have heard they make good stuff but not sure I want a wood case personally. May have to try one of these anyway!


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Jun 10, 2011
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I love Pad & Quill! Looks fabulous. I wish P&Q were easier to get in Canada, I've always had a thing for wood cases.

I prefer the low profile cases (actually I'm not even using one) so this would be on my
Short list.