Review of the Pad&Quill Woodline Case for iPhone 6/6S

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Nov 12, 2012
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Pad&Quill Woodline Case for iPhone 6/6s
Wood is good.


It's very rare to see cases made out of real wood that are actually made well too. This is one, incredible example. Genuine wood, impeccable craftsmanship.

Who Needs Trees When You've Got One on Your Phone?

Since this is, at is core, simply a piece of wood that you put on the back of your phone, it would be tough to call this a review. I'm just gonna ramble on about it for a few minutes, and you take it how you will. We'll discover how it actually is a tad more than just a piece of wood, but you get the idea. And please, try to get through this with as few innuendos as possible. I mean one or two are ok, but we're still civilized folks here.


I've had the chance to review several things by Pad&Quill and as always, their quality and craftsmanship continues to impress me. This case is gorgeous and even though it has a very simple job, it does it very well.

What I Love

As I said earlier, the design is absolutely gorgeous. Who doesn't love some good wood? Ok, that's 1, it was too easy. I received the Rosewood color and as you'd expect, it's a nice, deep color with a red tint to it which reminds me of the Redwoods out in California. If you've never been out to see them, finish reading this review, catch a flight, and go. But make sure you finish reading first.


Now, where was I? Oh right. I've said it before and it's true, as with many of Pad&Quill's products, I can't shake the feeling that they were made to go with my iPhone. Ok, I'm not a complete ***** (partially, not complete), I know that it was made for my phone, but it feels like this case belongs with my iPhone, in a way I haven't felt with many other cases. They just make sense together. The great red, wood grain look is polished very finely which makes it great to hold as well. It's a little slick, but not crazy slippery. You might feel it slip once or twice, but you're not going to be dropping it all the time.

It’s also durable. Wood by itself is strong (ok stop it), but Pad&Quill has gone one step further to really ensure the strength and protectiveness of their case. In between the two layers of hardwood is a layer of Aramid fibers which they claim are 5x stronger than steel at the same weight. I don’t know all the particulars, but I do know there is some Kevlar in the fibers so go ahead Mr. Bond, be as daring as you please. Basically, you’re gonna have to try really hard to break this case. In my time with it, I have never once worried about the case, or my phone being scratched or damaged from simple drops and daily usage. This is a very solidly built case.

The buttons and ports are all easily accessible and instead of just making straight cuts for the holes, they tapered them to keep with the beautiful curved design language of the iPhone. There’s also plenty of room for the camera cutout as you’d expect from an experienced case maker.


Also, as with all of Pad&Quill’s products, they are so confident and put so much pride into the fact that they hand craft everything, the artisan even signs their work. Mine was made by Artisan HS. It’s so rare to see a company, and a craftsman put so much pride into their work, even in something as simple as a phone case. It makes me proud to sport it.

P&Q Woodline 6S.jpg

What I Like

There is really only one thing that I don’t love about this case, but I still like, and it’s more of a personal thing than anything else. That shows you just how good this thing is. What I like is how the phone fits into the case. Let me explain. The tolerances on this case are extremely good meaning that there is zero wiggle room, looseness or movement from the case. I’ve used others where I could feel loose points or places where the phone didn’t sit exactly flush into the case and it drives me crazy. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know I’m a bit OCD so the fact that this case fits the phone so beautifully is awesome to me. The one downside of that is that this case can be quite difficult to take off. Getting it on couldn’t be easier, you just snap everything in place, but getting it off can feel like trying to rip a phone book in half. Ya just can’t. Truth be told though, that only becomes a big deal if you actually want to remove the case. If you just like to stick with one case and that’s it, then great! I’m one of those weird people who rotates through a few different cases or sometimes just goes naked (hey if ya got it, flaunt it) so this became a minor annoyance for me.

What’s the deal?

It’s simple, this is absolutely one of the best cases you can buy for your iPhone. The polished wood grain look is stunningly beautiful, and it is hard and strong enough to last you a very long time (ok, ok last one I promise). Current pricing for this guy is $49.95 and that may seem like a lot, but for a real wood case with the strong Aramid/Kevlar/Superman hybrid core, it’s really not a lot. If you don’t care too much about the case on your phone or if price is your biggest factor, then this isn’t for you. Also, if you are one of those active types who needs some serious protection, then this also isn’t for you. But that’s ok, because this case is great for people who want their iPhone to look amazing while not having to sacrifice protection, and I’m willing to bet that’s quite a lot of folks.


-Amazing design and look
-Solid protection
-Not much added weight or bulk
-Fits tight on the phone

-Fits very tight on the phone
-A bit hard to get off

It comes in 4 colors: the Rosewood here, American Cherry, Premium American Walnut, and Zebra Wood.

You can get them directly from Pad&Quill here:
Woodline Case | Wood Case for iPhone? 6 & 6S | Pad & Quill
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Dec 28, 2011
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That's a very nice case. I love the look of wood with the iPhone, I have the Evutec Wood Case and It's simply amazing. This P&Q looks simply awesome.

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