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Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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According to legend, buried deep in the woods of the Western United States, was a mythical object of class, sophistication, and wonder. Many manufacturers dared to go in after it, but were met with peril, and ultimately failed. As each failed adventurer fell to the wayside, there was one mighty warrior among manufacturers, who tied his boots, spit into the wind and braved the unimaginable terrors and danger that riddled the pathway ahead. Hours went by, and then days, with not so much as a hint of the lone adventurer. After almost a week had gone by, people began to pack up and head home one by one, believing the man to be lost… until one day, a light could be seen in the distance, glowing among the trees and the marsh. The entire camp began to assemble around the entry point, climbing over one another to get a better view of what was happening. One last set of vines was parted by a calloused hand, and the light shone upon the long adventurer, with his hand clasped tightly around a metal object. Met with awe and curiosity, all eyes were keenly focused on the man’s palm as it slowly opened, offering a near blinding light which slowly faded; he got it… he managed to retrieve the magical item. The man slowly brought both of his hands together to show the world his great treasure, the Nomad Titanium Band for the Apple Watch.


One Band to Rule Them All: The Nomad Titanium Band for the Apple Watch is a fantastic feat of metallurgy prowess. I have had my Apple Watch Series 4 since the day that they launched, and I’ve gone through a few different bands since then, and nothing came close to this band. I have had several smart watches before, including previous Apple Watches, and I have to give this my ultimate seal of approval, and recommendation – if you have $180 to throw around on a watch band. The presentation is top-notch, as is the Modus Operandi (MO) of Nomad. The box is well decorated, and the band stands alone on full display when you open the box. There are two different color options available: Black, and Silver. I have been using this watch band for the past two weeks now as my daily driver and I have no intention of taking it off, pretty much ever. I will take it off my wrist, but not my Apple Watch.


Compatibility: One of the greatest features of the Nomad Titanium Band is it’s backwards compatibility. Yes folks, it works with ALL Apple Watches, and not just the Series 4 – this is because of the universal band connectors/slots on the watch itself. It doesn’t matter whether you have the 38mm Apple Watch Series 1, or the 44mm Series 4, you can toss this band on your watch and roll in style.


Kicking It Up A Notch: I think the thing I like the most about the Titanium Band is that it helps take the Apple Watch to the next level. I work in a professional environment, and even though Apple Watches are commonplace in the professional world, having a silicone or even a leather band on the watch really doesn’t help make it feel distinguished. Even though it may look nice and everyone may have one, it still looks like what it is, a smart watch. Well, the Titanium Band changes this. From the moment I put it on my Apple Watch Series 4 (AWS4), it was like a night and day difference. I don’t know if it’s the metal, the flat finish appearance, or the hasp on the bottom of the band – or all of it combined – but it finally makes the AWS4 – or any Apple Watch – feel like a legitimate, expensive, refined accessory that doesn’t feel like a smart watch.


Adjusting the Links: Unlike most Apple Watch Bands, the Titanium Band is a traditional metal band and has links instead of adjustment holes which can be adjusted on the fly. Thankfully Nomad got way out ahead of the power curve and included the adjustment tool so that you can adjust the links at home. It took a minute or two to put the pieces together so-to-speak, but it really wasn’t that difficult to figure out. I am including my video here so that you can watch how to adjust the band, in case you run into any issues. Additionally, the watch band is one piece, versus the traditional two-piece approach. You will need to install both ends at the same time to ensure that everything slides into place, otherwise you may mess something up. The ends cannot be connected to the watch independently.



Quality and Wearability: The Titanium Watch band is really a treat. Not only does it look nice – in either color – but it feels nice, and it wears just like any other premium titanium watch band. The band is lightweight and molds well to the contours of your wrist, and thankfully it doesn’t snag the hairs on your arm and rip them out. The adjustments can be fine-tuned for comfort, and the overall weight and feel of the watchband is comfortable. I own three Citizen watches and all of them are very heavy and bulky, which is why I don’t wear them on a daily basis – other than the fact that they don’t receive messages or perform EKGs, but that’s neither here nor there. The Apple Watch feels great when fitted with the Titanium Band, and can be worn all day without moving around, feeling heavy and burdensome, or making you feel like you need to take it off as soon as you walk in the door from work.


Conclusion: Go buy one. Just kidding. If you own an Apple Watch and you want a fancy Titanium Band to sport on your watch, I wholeheartedly recommend this one. However, the biggest limiting factor for this product is the price tag, which may put it out of reach of many people. But, if you have the money and you’re in the market for something like this, you definitely won’t be disappointed. The band is finely crafted and pairs better than most fine wines. It’s a solid purchase, if you can afford it.

If you’re interested in picking up one of Nomad’s Titanium Apple Watch Bands, you can find them on Nomad’s website for the everyday price of $179.99 - https://forums.imore.com/e?link=htt...om%2Fcollections%2Fmetal-bands&token=GcNsufaD - As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comments section.
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