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Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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Nomad has been around the neighborhood for a while now, and I have had the opportunity to review quite a few of their products. They specialize in making premium quality accessories for Apple products, including a fancy wireless charger for Teslas, which is pretty cool. I have had the pleasure of reviewing many of their phone cases and watch bands, and now I have the pleasure of testing out their fancy Wireless Stand. Like all of their products, it’s made from high quality materials, looks fantastic, and pairs really well with the rest of their accessories. Let’s take a closer look at the Wireless Stand, by Nomad.


The Look: Presentation is always on point when it comes to Nomad’s products. If you purchase one of their accessories, you will find yourself in the company of high quality materials and a beautiful looking product that not only compliments your device, but makes it stand out. The surface is made from premium leather, and the body is made from a durable polycarbonate material that looks sharp. It has a nice weight to it and the ability to use it in two different positions is really nice as well. You can use it as a charging base and set it on top of whatever surface you’re using, or you can pop the aluminum stand into it and charge your phone in the upright position. This added flexibility is nice because you can use it in any environment, whether personal or professional. Additionally, the stand has a neat little LED indicator on the base of it that illuminates when a device is charging. Finally, the little aluminum stand has a slot on the back of the charger that allows you to stow the stand away when it’s not in use.


Is it Magic? No, it’s not magic. It’s just really cool modern technology with complimentary leather on top of it. The Nomad Wireless Stand uses a 7.5w Qi wireless charging coil setup that charges your iPhone or Android phone with the greatest of ease. Nomad doesn’t exclusively make accessories for Apple products, but many of their accessories are geared toward Apple products, which makes the whole 7.5w charging coil make more sense because the latest iPhones have 7.5w charging coils. Some Android devices support up to 10w of wireless charging power, but they will work perfectly fine with this charger too. Each phone that supports wireless charging has a receiving coil on the inside of it that works in conjunction with the charging coil inside of the charger enabling the connection. That is one reason that the LED indicator on the bottom of the wireless charger is important. Not all phones have a status indicator that lets you know that the phone is actually charging, so it’s nice that Nomad includes an indicator to let you know that it’s charging. This is especially important when the wireless charger isn’t in the upright configuration because you will have to make sure the coils line up properly for it to charge. Each phone and charger have their own sweet spot you have to get it centered on for them to charge. It’s not an issue with this charger when it’s standing up, but once you take the aluminum stand out of it and lay it down, just be aware that you need to place the phone above the slot on the bottom of the stand for the coils to make a connection.


Why Wireless Charging? Wireless charging has been around long enough that it’s starting to be much more common. When it first came out, I thought it was more gimmicky than it was practical, or necessary. I still prefer a good ole fashioned power cable for the latest and greatest quick charge capabilities, but wireless charging has its place in the world as well. It’s so nice being able to put your phone down onto a charger and just walk away. No wires, no searching for the adapter cable, no frustration. Simply walk over and set the phone down and you’re good to go. It’s also really nice for your workspace or a place where you routinely set your phone down. Instead of worrying about having charging cables cluttering up your desk or having to crawl underneath your desk to grab your charging cable, it’s already there and ready to go. It’s also nice because it frees up your primary charging cable so you don’t have to tote it around. I use the Nomad Wireless Stand at work, and it’s super nice because I used to have to carry my phone cord and charger with me when I went to work. Well, with the Wireless Charger and it’s included A/C adapter, it’s plugged in and setup on my desk all the time, allowing me to leave my phone charger at home! Sure, it’s a little bit slower than quick charge capable adapters, but much of that I think is offset by the convenience factor. Ironically though, you’re actually getting more charging power with the 7.5w Wireless Stand than you are with the 5w pathetic power brick that is included with even the latest generation of iPhones.


Why Nomad? Because it looks amazing, and it works just as well. Nomad makes premium quality accessories to go with your premium quality devices. Not only do they compliment one another, they work seamlessly and allow you to incorporate some style into your device entourage. For me, I have their watch bands for my Apple Watch, and the case for my phone, and even the wallet – with a built in iPhone charger. This isn’t something that you get with other manufacturers. Apple users and fans typically have more than one Apple product, and really appreciate the ecosphere. Nomad takes this concept one step farther and has an ecosphere of accessories for all of your Apple products, from the AirPods to the iPhone XS Max. Yes, it cost a little more money than other products that you can get. You’re perfectly welcome to get a $20 wireless charger, and a $15 phone case, but you’re not going to have the same level of style, and sophistication to compliment your gorgeous Apple products that you will with Nomad, which is just one of the major selling points for their products.


If you’re interested in picking up one of Nomad’s Wireless Stand, you can find them no Nomad’s website for the everyday price of $59.95, and it only comes in one color: Black. Here is the link if you want to check it out - https://forums.imore.com/e?link=htt...ng%2Fproducts%2Fwireless-stand&token=Zbi2GpYX

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