[REVIEW] Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhones 12 and 12 Pro


Dec 25, 2011
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It's that time of year again and with every new iPhone comes a new Mujjo leather case lineup. This year I have the wallet case in black. As always, Mujjo uses full grain vegetable-tanned leather that looks, feels, and smells great. Mujjo has always done an amazing job with the little details, like the stitching. Stitching is one of the things a lot of companies will save money on, and while it may just be a card pocket, Mujjo puts the effort in to have excellent stitching that enhances the quality of the case. You are only going to be able to hold one or two card comfortably in the card slot, though that is the point of this design, to only carry what you need. The camera cutout is once again cut out fantastically and fits the camera housing perfectly. The only other cutout is the mute switch cutout, which is also cut to size. This may be problematic for larger fingers as the cutout is fairly small.

While many companies have taken advantage of the squared off bodies of this years iPhone's and make full cases, Mujjo has left the bottom open still. I'm not sure the reason behind this, and I think I would have liked to see a full cover. There is, however, a microfiber lined interior, as you will find on any quality leather case, so the back of your phone will be kept safe. This brings us to the final talking point of the design, and my least favorite this year. The buttons. Now Mujjo has always kept the buttons part of the full leather body and this hasn't really be an issue before. This year though, maybe because of the square iPhone bodies, the travel of these buttons seems to be greater and that unfortunately makes them feel a little hollow, empty, and mushy. We can't forget to talk about MagSafe. How does a pocket effect MagSafe? More than you would expect actually. The MagSafe charger needs to be in just the right spot and it doesn't hold on very tight. It still does work though, I would just recommend removing your cards first.

Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro - Black - Packshot 01.jpg

The Good
  • Real quality leather
  • Fantastic stitching
  • Microfiber interior

The Bad
  • Buttons feel mushy
  • Not easy to use with MagSafe
  • Open bottom

Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro - Black - Packshot 05.jpg
Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro - Black - Packshot 08.jpg

While I have marked the open bottom as a negative, it's pretty nit-picky, it just seems a little out of place this year. The buttons are the greatest detriment to the Mujjo leather wallet case this year. It's not a big problem, though it does take some getting used to for the longer presses. Even with these things, Mujjo has once again made one of the best leather cases I've used or owned. I truly, whole-heartedly, recommend Mujjo every single year because they are worth it. And for the iPhone's 12 and 12 Pro, the Mujjo leather wallet case is only $46 USD. You can purchase your own from Mujjo directly right here.
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