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[REVIEW] Mujjo Folio Sleeve for 13" MacBook


Dec 25, 2011
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Aesthetics Matter
You may have noticed by now that I'm a big fan of Mujjo and their products. Every product I have is beautifully crafted so it looks and feels great. Mujjo's Folio Sleeve for 13" MacBook is no exception. The sleeve will fit all 13" MacBook Air's and Pro's starting with the late 2013 MacBook Pro, which is what I have. The first thing you'll notice after you unpackage sleeve and remove it from the bag it comes in is just how stunning it is, with one side crafted fully from genuine leather, and the other side crafted from felt and held together by two YKK zippers. These zippers extend from the bottom of both sides of the sleeve so you can easily open the sleeve as far as you need to get everything you've stored inside it. The leather side of the sleeve has a Mujjo logo embossed on the bottom at the center. The bottom center of both sides has a triangular notch that is purely aesthetic. There is also a triangular dip at the top center of the sleeve and to account for this I place my MacBook in the sleeve hinge side down. The inside of the Folio Sleeve is also lined with felt and one side there are three pouches. One pouch extends the length of the sleeve which is a great place to carry a tablet, or even a Nintendo Switch will fit. There is a smaller pouch in the center of the sleeve which is great for carrying around smaller items like cables, or pens, or other small items. Right on top of that pouch is a card slot so you can put some sort of I.D., a payment card, business cards, or whatever kind of card you want to carry in it. The rest of the sleeve is intended to house your MacBook. Now, putting things in these sleeves will cause the case the bulge a little, so you'll want to be careful with what you place in it.


I've had the Mujjo Folio Sleeve for about a week at this point and like all laptop sleeves, I have to learn how to carry a limited number of things. This is also my biggest issue with sleeves in general. I have also noticed that my MacBook is a tight squeeze in the sleeve, however, I'm certain that newer thinner MacBooks will fit in the sleeve with ease. This is also one of the best sleeves I've ever used. When I'm carrying my MacBook in a sleeve there are only a few things I'm carrying around: my MacBook, my iPad or Nintendo Switch, some earphones, my MacBook charger, and maybe my iPad/phone/Switch chargers. I haven't needed to carry around the cables yet, though I have carried my MacBook and Switch it in a couple times now. I wasn't entirely sure it would work, however, it works fantastically. That is the point of a sleeve though, to carry around a smaller selection of things usually for a shorter time out and about. I should also mention, good zippers go a long way. The YKK zippers are amazing on this sleeve. They're hefty and smooth so you can be sure they will last a long time without fail. The Mujjo Folio Sleeve is a sleeve you should definitely consider when looking for MacBook sleeves.



The Good
  • Real leather
  • Sleek modern design
  • Excellent craftmanship

The Bad
  • Pricey
  • A little tight
  • Limited storage

I mentioned in my cons that the Mujjo Folio Sleeve is pricey, and that's true. Just remember you are paying for a quality product when you see the $114 price tag. I also said it's a little tight, though I'm pretty sure that's just because of my MacBook rather than the sleeve itself. What it all really boils down to is that the Mujjo Folio Sleeve is a phenomenal sleeve. It's one of my favorite sleeves and has more storage space than you'll get with some other sleeves. So I feel confident in recommending this sleeve to anyone looking for a MacBook sleeve. You can find the Folio Sleeve on Mujjo's site here.
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