[REVIEW] Mujjo Dual-Layered Touchscreen Gloves


Dec 25, 2011
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Gloves Never Fit
Winter is cold and it dries my hands out ridiculously quickly. This is where gloves are great, but then I can't use my phone when I need to. Thankfully there are touchscreen gloves, and Mujjo's dual-layered touchscreen gloves are pretty great. Now, I have never known what a proper fitting glove felt like and these Mujjo gloves keep up that trend. However, they are some of the best fitting gloves I've ever worn so they aren't terrible. It's unfortunate that gloves never fit for me, but I'm okay with these gloves as they don't have a lot of wiggle room, though I do need to adjust quite often.


The Mujjo dual-layered touchscreen gloves are made with silver-lined nylon interwoven into the fabric. This is where your touchscreen sensitivity comes from and the gloves are covered in it. The dual layer is a wool liner and insulator which will keep your hands quite warm even in sub-zero temperatures. Since the silver-lined nylon covers the gloves, you will be able to interact with your touchscreens no matter where you touch it from. These are some of the most responsive touchscreen gloves I've ever used. There is also a leather strap to hold the gloves tighter against your wrist with a magnetic clasp. This clasp works great too, even if it feels a little loose it still does its job very well. The last key thing to mention is the dotted grip on the palms of the gloves. This will help ensure you don't drop your device while wearing the gloves and just increase your grip on anything. I did notice it takes a little practice to get used to driving with them. I am one of those people that lets the steering wheel spin back after turning and you need to adjust your grip just a little to allow that to happen.


While I haven't been using my Mujjo dual-layered gloves as much as I should be, I have had no issue using them in my daily life. I tend to have issues with gloves because of the fit. As I said, the Mujjo gloves fit better than most gloves I've used and this really allows me to continue in my daily life without having to readjust them as often. When it comes to actually using my phone with them, I still have to adjust my usage slightly and use my fingertips to get the right pressure. That is again because of how the gloves fit my hands. I have also found I need to use a little more pressure than I'm used when wearing them, but it's a fine line because it's very easy to go from no touch to activating 3D Touch on my iPhone X. This could very well just be an isolated use case for me, but it is still something to note. One of the best parts of these gloves is that they aren't heavy, or too thin. A lot of gloves try to be thinner than they need to be, or so thick that they're heavy and not the easiest to use. Mujjo managed to find a very solid middle ground of warmth, weight, thickness, and usability. I was impressed right out of the package with them. Oddly enough, these gloves come in a ziplock bag, which I did not expect. I am going to continue to use these gloves until they fall apart.

The Good
  • Warm
  • Confortable
  • Works well

The Bad
  • A little costly, not too bad
  • No color options
  • Palm grips can be bothersome

Hands down, the Mujjo dual-layered touchscreen gloves are some of the best gloves I've ever used, period. The fact that they are lightweight, warm, and very usable just makes them even better. Despite how much I love them, I still think the price may be just a touch high for them. The cost isn't bad though, people easily spend more for less usable gloves. They cost $33.79 and you can pick them up directly from Mujjo. I highly recommend you do if you live in a colder environment. You can find them right at this link.

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