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Dec 25, 2011
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I've had an Apple Watch ever since the original was released and it was only this year that I finally got around to getting any watch stands for it. I've always liked the look of the Mophie Apple Watch stand, from the stand itself down to the wire management. The design is simple enough, but you almost need the instructions to route your charging cable through the stand. You start by routing the USB end of your cable through the watch pad cutout, then you have to remove the rubber insert in the base of the stand and feed the USB end through that as well. From there you just lightly nudge your cable into the foam covered track until it's well hidden. Once your cable is routed, you should just see your Apple Watch charging pad sitting in its own foam cradle at the top of the stand and the cable coming out the back side of the base. It creates a wonderfully clean and elegant look to add to your desk or night stand. My particular stand, I didn't realize, is certified pre-owned. The only thing that really concerns me though is that the cradle for the charging pad has a little tear in it, just a small one, but I feel like that's causing some issues with how the charging pad sits in the cradle. Maybe I'm wrong, however, when I place my Apple Watch on the stand to charge it always tilts a little askew. Once I shift it to a more pleasing angle it sits just fine though. With watchOS 4.3 (I'm on the beta at the time of this review) bringing in a vertical Night Stand mode it's really nice not having to rotate my Apple Watch at night. This is great because the Mophie Apple Watch Stand isn't the greatest stand if you're looking to rest your watch horizontally. This is only because your charge cable routes directly out of the side of the of the cradle.


I've glossed over the construction of the stand so let's get into that a little more. The entire stand is made out of aluminum with the top of the cradle and the top of the base having a layer of black leather on them.The bottom side of the cradle, the charging cable track, and the bottom of the stand have thick, soft foam on them. While the leather and foam are both black, the aluminum is a darker silver, and I find that this gives the Mophie Apple Watch Stand a slightly industrial look while maintaining class and elegance. As I stated before, it's a simple design, but it just works so well. The stand will look right at home no matter where you decide you to place it. I would have to say the absolute worst thing about this Mophie stand is its price. I feel like you're paying too much for the Mophie name. You don't even get a cable in the box, just the stand alone, and you get that for the low cost of $60. However, if you can find a discount on the dock or find it cheaper in general, it's an absolutely fantastic stand.


The Good
  • Clean
  • Elegant
  • Sturdy

The Bad
  • Watch may not sit right at first
  • Not great for horizontal Watch placement
  • A little pricey


I really can't say having a stand for my Apple Watch has made my life easier or better in any way. I can't even say it's a great thing to buy in general. However, if you're wanting to add a little more elegance, and wire management to your Apple Watch charging experience, I can say a stand helps with that a lot. Now, I can't even really recommend the Mophie Apple Watch Stand at its full $60 price tag, I found mine much cheaper on Amazon. It's a simple and basic design with some nice accents. So shop around, if you can find a good deal on the Mophie stand, you'll enjoy it. For now, you can see it on Mophie's site right here.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Interesting product, sir, and the review was outstanding as always. Thank you....:cool:

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