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Jul 5, 2008
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MemoryInfo is a "memory management" tool for the iPhone. Well, actually, it is a memory capture tool. As with any computer, the more apps you run, the more memory "leaks" occur - times when an app stops but still "holds on" to part of the memory (at least from my understanding). This is why large apps often need to be started "cold" (right after a restart) or why some apps will seemingly quit - out of memory!

For PC computers, there are a variety of memory management tools that run in the background that work to reclaim some of that lost memory. However, the iPhone doesn't let apps run in the background. So in order to reclaim the lost memory, you need to physically run an app.

Enter MemoryInfo. MemoryInfo is a small program that provides you with details about your memory use. Run the app, and you get a screen that tells you how much free memory you have, how much is inactive, how much is active, and how much is wired (not sure what that means). You will notice that the longer your phone is left on, the less free memory you have.

Also, it will tell you what processes are running on the iPhone. Lastly, at the bottom it tells you your battery info, and if the battery is draining or charging.

In the middle of the screen is a large "free memory" button. Hit this button, and the app attemps to reclaim some memory. The first time I ran it, I have 5MB free, and after the app ran, I have 40 MB free! Just as a test run, my iPhone just restarted, and I have 27.43 MB free. Let me hit the button...and presto, I now have 40.59 MB free!

This app would be especially useful to run before you use any other app that is particularly large. I have noticed that the Zombieville USA game stutters at various times - I plan to try playing it after I run this app and see what happens.

It would be nice if they included information about the storage memory - how much is used (for apps, for songs, movies, etc) and how much you have free. Maybe we will see that in a future update.

Pros: Cheap, can reclaim memory that is "lost"

Cons: Some reviews in iTunes say it causes a crash - that hasn't happened to me yet.

All in all, this is a nice app, and is certainly more handy that continually restarting your iPhone to free up memory. I plan to keep it around to use before I run any memory intensive app. It would be nice if they gave you more information about the memory (and the processes that are running - I wonder what they are?) but it does what it sets out to do - reclaim lost memory. At $.99, it is worth a shot IMO. Four and a half out of five stars.

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