[REVIEW] iOttie iTap Magnetic Qi Wireless Charger


Dec 25, 2011
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To be perfectly honest I forgot I had the iOttie iTap Magnetic wireless charger coming in and it was a very welcome surprise. There are a number of uses for this particular Qi charger. iOttie markets it as a desk or car charger and it could be placed in many other locations if you so choose. Now, this particular charger supports fast charging, though that is more particularly for Samsung phones, even the paperwork shows Samsung phones. Nonetheless, it is a Qi charger and the paperwork also says that it will charge any Qi-enabled phone even if it doesn't have fast charging. If it does not have fast charging, it will still charge at normal Qi speed. The iOttie iTap uses a micro USB cable to power it and you get one in the box along with a car charger brick. On top of that, the iTap comes with two different metal plates to attach to your phone. One plate is a thin plate that goes directly onto the back of your phone and is case friendly, it works even with my Peel case. The other metal plate is a slightly thicker one that is meant to go on the outside of a case directly. I haven't used this one yet as I tend to change cases fairly often so the thin plate works best for me. One thing to note is that you also get a mini protector to place on your phone before you install the metal plate. More than that, you also get two different bases in the box, a short base, and a tall base. Granted the tall base isn't that much taller than the preinstalled short base, however, it could be useful in a vehicle. The charging pad attaches to the bases with a dial on the back bottom side, this also sits on a swivel so you can adjust the angle of your phone.




I haven't decided where I want to keep my iTap yet so I haven't affixed to any surface. On the bottom of the bases is a sticky pad, just pull off the release paper and stick it down. One reason I haven't decided where to keep it yet is that there really isn't a good place in my truck for it. That's where I would like to keep it and I'm still debating that idea. I forgot to mention that the metal plates are labeled as single use, however, I didn't notice the mini protector so I had to remove the metal plate from my phone and put the protector on before reinstalling the metal plate. I haven't had any issues with the metal plate, so it's not exactly single use if you're careful. Now the magnets themselves are in the charging base and they are very strong. Without a case, or using the thick plate on the outside of a case, your phone will not fall at all. This is good though, as the thin plate goes underneath a case and even through a case the magnets are still quite strong. As long as you place the metal plate in the right spot on your phone it will immediately start charging when it snaps to the base. I also very much enjoy this feature. As far as charging speeds go, I don't have a good fast charging capable power brick to really test with, but I will check again with the charging brick from my Moto G5 Plus to see if there is a noticeable charging difference. You will notice the iTap base hum when it starts charging and that is because there is a fan inside of the base to help keep the base and your phone cool. Another thing to note is that Qi charging is slower than a standard power brick, but it does charge quick enough if you're just sitting around for awhile or charging your phone overnight.




The Good
  • Strong magnets
  • Fan cooling
  • Case friendly

The Bad
  • Not the fastest charger
  • May be difficult to place in a vehicle
  • A little expensive

Even though I forgot the iOttie iTap Magnetic wireless charger was coming in, I was happy to receive it and I love it. It's a fantastic charger. The biggest downside is its $80 price tag. Now wireless charging is still fairly new to the mainstream so the prices are higher than they really should be. If this particular mount doesn't suit your needs though, iOttie also has other vehicle and desk specific mounts to choose from. Qi charging isn't as quick as a wired charger, however, it is very convenient and easy to fall in love with. I haven't run into anything I don't like about this iTap charger so I have no problem recommending it. You can buy this iTap charger directly from iOttie here.
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