[REVIEW] Incipio Ghost 110 Wireless Charger

Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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Since the dawn of the electronic age, man has been obsessed with one thing: getting rid of cords! It started with VCRs and TVS, then worked its way over to video game controllers, keyboards, and finally… phone chargers. Of course this transition hasn’t been without hiccups. There was always the dreaded day that the remote batteries died or you just plain can’t find it, but mostly it’s been a positive experience. I definitely enjoy being able to control my TV without having to get up and turn knobs anymore (circa 1980s). Well, with cell phone chargers, the transition has been smooth for the most part, and I’m here to tell you about my experience with the Incipio Ghost 110 Wireless Charger.


Background: Ok. So I’m not rocket scientist, but the idea of sending electrical signals bouncing all over the place just seems unnatural. It’s like teleportation of electricity; which is cool, but also makes me wonder how in the world they pull it off. In an effort to better understand what was happening on the inside, I did what every adult man or woman does when faced with a question… I went straight to Google. I found a decent article that explained it on a somewhat adult-toddlier’ish level so I could make sense out of it. First… it’s not completely wireless. True, there are not wires going to your phone but you still have to have an adapter and a charging base. Second, the wireless signal is actually an electromagnetic field generated by two coils: one in the receiver, and one in the transmitter. Third, you really have to get the phone in the right spot for it to work, otherwise the “wireless” connection can’t be made and your phone won’t charge – it also makes your phone a bit toasty. For footnotes, the wattage requirements also vary from phone-to-phone and charger-to-charger, but the standard seems to be between 7.5W and 15W – and wireless charging is slower than QuickCharge.


Applicabiltiy: The Incipio Ghost 110 charger is the first wireless charger that I’ve ever used. I haven’t been keen on the technology in the past because the onset occured almost simultaneously with with QuickCharge technology and USB-C connections, which has been a foundation for the power and success that we have been able to tap into for smartphones in the past few years. No more 3-4 hours to charge the phone has really paved the way for what we can do and our expectations for our phones. So if a wired charging is so great, why do we need wireless charging? Because it’s convenient! Yes, that’s right. It’s super convenient. How many times have you complained about your 2ft iPhone cord or having to have a 6ft power cord to get from the obscure wall socket to your bedside or desk? It’s really annoying. Additionally, how many times have you almost got into a car wreck getting your phone cord caught on the gear shifter in your car? I’m saying this now… wireless charging saves lives – somebody save this somewhere. Really… it’s working its way into cars now and it’s super sweet, and it leads me back into my original point. I love having a wireless charger because I can set it down and forget about it. My wireless charger is in my office and the long A/C adapter is routed behind my desk to the outlet. No more moving furniture, no more getting the cord wrapped around the wheels of my chair, and no more being tethered to a cord. All I have to do is set my phone down on the wireless charging base and Voila! It’s clean, quick an easy – and convenient.


Incipio Ghost 110: Ok, this is where Incipio has filled the void and made my life more convenient. I know there was a lot of build-up and backstory, but I felt like it was important to lay all of this out for you so you could see where any why wireless charging fits into our world. And also, there’s only so much you can say about an adapter and a plastic base. But, here’s what you get with Incipio. Incipio makes quality products and sells them at competitive prices, with a 12-month warranty. The charger uses the universal wireless standard, Qi (pronounced “Chi”), which means it will work with pretty much any wireless charging capable device. It even has a rubberized texture on the surface of the charger so you don’t have to worry about your phone sliding off the charger like a hockey puck! The Ghost charger is light-weight and has a very ample 5ft cord on it, which will get you to pretty much any outlet within reason. It's rated at 15W so you can use it effectively with any iPhone or Android phone that support Qi Wireless Charging. I went ahead and jotted down some numbers and tested it out with both my iPhone 8, and my LG G7 ThinQ. Here are the Metrics:

- iPhone 8: From 75%-100% in 1hr even
- LG G7 ThinQ: From 35% to 70% in 1hr even.

As you can see, the numbers aren’t anywhere near QuickCharge, especially with the iPhone (probably something to do with 7.5W charging). But, that’s ok. The key here is convenience. I charge my phone overnight so when I’m ready to roll the next day, I’m already at 100%. But, I do use my phone throughout the day and I think of the wireless charger as more of a battery maintainer, or a convenient top up when I’m sitting in my office. After all, it’s a permanent fixture on my desk and all I have to do is set it down and forget about it! That way I can continue to keep my phone ready and primed for when I need it, and don’t have to worry about the wires, charging bases, and all of the inconvenience.


- The ability to charge your phone on-demand without wires
- It’s super convenient and a lifesaver for your desk or at work
- You don’t have to worry about travelling with your charger all the time

- It’s not cheap
- It’s not fast
- It makes your phone warm

Conclusion: The Incipio Ghost 110 charger is a great introductory wireless charger that will allow you to get your feet wet, without some of the serious price tag that some manufacturers charge. It’s still not cheap, but it’s fairly well priced ($39.99), especially if you’re in the market for a second charger and a longer charging cable. I’ve been very happy with mine and it’s been a great addition to my desk – it even looks more professional than the wire running across my desk. Of course you can only charge one device at a time, but the sweet spot isn’t difficult to hit and there’s even a blue light to let you know that the phone is charging.

If you’re interesting in picking up one of the Incipio Ghost 110 Qi Wireless Charger, you can find them over at Incipio’s website: https://forums.imore.com/e?link=htt...qi-wireless-charging-base.html&token=qbHIvDen - where you can pick one up for $39.99. The charger only comes in one color: Black. If you have any questions or comments, as always, leave them down in the comment section.


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Jan 8, 2012
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I like the square design of this wireless charging base and would definitely consider getting one should the one at my desk goes kaput. Thanks for reviewing it, sir.