[REVIEW] Incipio Carnaby Esquire Case for the iPhone X

Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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Ever dream of a chance at the sweet life? Have you wondered what it’s like to hang your hat on the bar ledge and sip delicious, carefully aged scotch while you talk about the stock market and make cheeky political jokes with your pals? Me too… for sure. Sounds great! This case may not quite do that, but it will make you feel pretty cool when you slide it out on the bar while you relax with a nice refreshing micro-brew. Welcome to the Incipio Carnaby, Esquire series – the case that dreams, not lawsuits, are made of.


The Esquire series case is a fancy little number that the dreamers and creators at Incipio have crafted up, like the sweet ambrosia of the mobile industry, and sent down for us phone toters to raise a glass, and raise our phone status, with a sweet, sweet case. This is my review refresh for the iPhone X.


The Look: If you can’t tell, I am rather smitten with this case; so smitten in fact that I currently have it for the iPhone X, Pixel 2, and BlackBerry Motion – see the group photo! The design, the aesthetics and the classy woven fabric on the back of the phone just exudes class. Pound-for-pound, this is my go-to, most favorite case ever that isn’t leather. It’s different, and it’s sleek, that’s for sure. If you want a case that compliments your suit and tie, you've come to the right place. If you don't wear a suit, no worries; you don't even need one. This case looks good no matter what you're wearing! Sure, there are many fancy leather cases out there to compete with – I’ve used some – but this is just on a different level in my book. I have been toting around this case as my daily driver since I took it out of the box, and it really makes me not want to get another case. Sure, there are many fancy leather cases out there – I’ve used some – but this is just on a different level in my book. I have been toting around this case as my daily driver since I took it out of the box, and it really makes me not want to get another case.


The Feel: The woven cotton material surrounding the case is fantastic. It feels a little slick when you first take it out of the box, but as you use it that feeling quickly goes away. It’s not overly grippy of course, but it’s got a very good texture and feel to it that you won’t find in a normal case. In fact, I even miss the case whenever I’m switching back and forth between my other devices and am stuck using a rubberized/plastic case. The buttons on this case work well and the cutouts are very precise. The buttons aren’t oversized, and they have a nice little click sound that they make when you press them. Another nice thing about this case is that it doesn’t dig into your fingers while you’re holding it. This is the biggest case pet-peeve of mine (you know this is you’ve read some of my other reviews). When I’m holding my phone, especially when lounging in the recliner or laying in bed, my pinky finger cradles the bottom of the phone for support, and it’s so frustrating when you have a case that digs into your finger; well, it’s not a problem with this one!


Security: The protection on this phone is also pretty darn good. Definitely be careful if you are looking to set it down on any surface that could potentially be wet. It’s water resistant, but it’s not waterproof. The case material is made out of woven cotton, so it can absorb liquids and other oils that a normal case would not, so be careful where you put down your phone. The case does have the protective lip that creates a buffer between the phone screen and a flat surface, which is fairly standard with Incipio cases – extra points here for me. Again, it has protective properties, but this is the kind of case that you’re going to use in a business or professional environment, not riding around in your Jeep or going snowboarding. So barring extreme sports and maybe working outdoors in Seattle, it should be very good at keeping your phone safe from most any normal danger or chance occurrence you might encounter.


Conclusion: I love it, and I think you’ll love it too. It may not be for everyone or suit your individual lifestyle, but I can recommend this case for just about anyone, especially if you like to change your phone case often, or for special occasions. It’s sleek, it’s suave, and it looks great when you’re wearing a suit or business-professional attire. You definitely can’t go wrong with this case unless you’re a scuba instructor or a deckhand on a ship.

- Looks really sharp!
- Pairs well with professional attire and really impresses
- Quality build materials and the cotton fiber is really nice
- Durable, and well-priced
- The cotton fibers are tight and have withstood the test of time!

- Can’t take it scuba diving
- Cotton fibers can pick up stains if you aren’t careful
- Not suitable for alpine skiing or boating in the french riveria

Follow-Up Thoughts: I’ve never done a re-tread on a phone case before, so this is definitely new to me. However, after coming back to the same phone case so many times… (S8+, Note8, Pixel 2, iPhone X, and the BlackBerry Motion), I can say definitively that this is my go-to case. It’s well-made (see if you can spot the drop marks on my pictures), it’s sleek and it just screams class! I get compliments on these cases regularly, and it just feels nice to carry. It has a great blend of style and looks pricey, but the price is balanced and it’s a comfortable case to carry in any setting. I cannot recommend this case enough for any phone that you happen to be using. 10/10 recommend the Carnaby!

If you’re interested in picking up one of these sweet cases, you can find it over at Incipio’s website: https://www.incipio.com – the price for is $34.99.

Color Selections: The Esquire series case only comes in Blue, Gray, and Forest Gray for the iPhone X - the color in this review is Forest Gray.

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