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Review: Hot Dog Down a Hallway


Forum App Reviewer
Sep 21, 2008


-Nice cartoon graphics
-Simple game play
-View statistics of game play (ie. total distance & total launches)
-Attempt to complete goals - thus receiving awards.

-Farting sound upon viewing distance doesn't really fit with theme.
-No multiple hi-score keeper
-No high-scores via internet



Hot Dog Down a Hallway is a humorous game in which the objective is to launch the hot dog and see how far you can get down the hallway. There some things to help you along the way and other things that... well... stop you from getting very far. Some people might find this as a similar game to Kitty Canon. While I don't really like comparing one app to another in a single review, that is really the best way to describe the app.


The game allows you to control the angle & the power of the hot dog launch; however, it seems that the obstacles and the items that help you are randomly placed each time you launch.


The game also states that by tilting the iPhone you can control the direction of the hot dog; however, I wasn't able to see a significant change in direction (backward nor forward.) I assume it's just to nudge the hot dog in the right direction if you so need to.


In the screen shot above, you can see the crab. If you land on him he cuts you up and thus your launch is over; however, let's say you hit the chandelier, it'll spin you down the hall.


I think the graphics are quite good for such a simple game and I really applaud that. I only wish that there was some way to have a global high-score to compare with friends. If you are a fan of these types of games, then grab this one, as the combination of graphics and humor make this an short and simple game. [$0.99 - iTunes link]