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Jul 5, 2008
Visit site shopping. Running around with a list of items to buy, trying not to hit other grocery carts, looking for the best price. Such fun.

On my old Treo, I have a program for grocery shopping called Handy Shopper. It was a simple program, you can create a shopping list and then check off items as you buy them.

When I saw Grocery IQ for the iPhone, I decided to give it a try. Maybe I am a geek for saying so, but wow, this program is cool.

First off, you can create shopping lists. You can add items by typing their name in (either brand name or generic item) and the name recognition will try to recognize what you want after the first three letters. It has a pretty robust database to select from. When you add an item, you can specify the quantity and size you want to buy as well. Items are sorted based on the aisle they are found in (always very helpful) and if the aisle is different for your store, you can change it! If an item doesn't appear, you have the option of adding it to the database.

You can set up favorite items to quickly add to a shopping list, or you can go through your history of items purchased to add items as well. So if there is anything you buy on a regular basis, it is easy to add it each time.

When you add an item, you can check it off of your list, which will put a green checkmark next to the item (making it easy to see what you still need to buy). When you check out, all items are removed (even if they aren't bought), and you also have the option of clearing your list when all items are checked off.

This is a full featured shopping program that should make grocery shopping much easier. There are some features I wish it had however. It would be nice to be able to select if you have a coupon for an item - that way you can make sure to bring the coupon with you when you checkout. Also, it would be nice to be able to put in a price value for the items, so you can get an estimated total price for what you are buying. Since prices vary from location to location (and even store to store, week to week) this would be a general estimate, but it would be nice to have.

Lastly, it would be nice to have some sort of calculator so you can compare unit prices to see what it the better deal. While most stores have some sort of "unit price" on their price marker, it doesn't take into account coupons that you may have. In addition, the units may sometimes vary (even between similar items).

Having said that, this is a nice program. The biggest pain is creating your first shopping list, once you do that it should be esier each time to add more items to the list (via favorites or history).

Pros: Easy to use, makes shopping a breeze
Cons: The first couple of times it may be tiresome to prepare the shopping list

All in all, for $1.99, this is a program I see myself using quite frequently. If you are the primary shopping, this is a program that could remove many headaches from weekly grocery shopping. 4 out of 5 stars.
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