Review for Anker Slim Pastel Case for iPad Air

Peter Cotton

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Nov 20, 2012
Anker was kind enough to send me their latest iPad Air case for review. So I thought I'd post a review on here. It's called Anker Colour Palette Ultra Slim Case.

The case was very well packaged. I'm always impressed by Anker packaging. Inside the box was the case, a returns slip and a note from Anker inviting you to review their product.

The first thing I noticed about the case was how well built it is. The method it uses to hold the ipad in is one I have not seen before, and it works very well. When I clicked my iPad air in, it felt very secure. It also protects the sides of the iPad. On a previous case I used on my old iPad mini, I got a dent in the corner because the sides were exposed. On this case, only the buttons and ports are exposed, and even they are recessed for protection.

The case is very slim. It has a magnetic clasp that keeps it closed. It turns the iPad on and off like the Smart Cover sold by apple. It does add a bit of weight, perhaps a little more than I was happy with but it feels solid, protected. It also doubles up as a stand which was very stable and offered two viewing angles, both which I felt were good for watching films. The inside of the case has a lovely soft velvety feel to it. The clasp that holds the iPad is a soft to touch but rigid plastic material that does the job well.

The version I received was blue. It's covering is made from a synthetic leather that looks and feels nice. It's a little on the shiny side, but certainly doesn't look ugly!

Overall, I feel this case is great value for money. It's on sale for ?9.99 and when you compare that to the smart case at ?65, it's a bargain. For me, a case must be trusted to protect you iPad when the worse happens. And I think this case does that. It also looks great, and acts as a great little stand.


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Jan 10, 2013
Thanks for the pictures, now I know what it looks like...NICE