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Review for Anker Screen Protector for iPad Air

Peter Cotton

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Nov 20, 2012
Here's a review for a Screen protector which I would highly recommend:

This product was supplied by Anker for my evaluation and review. My review is completely unbiased and honest.

I don't usually use screen protectors on my iPads, simply because they are usually so difficult to apply without those annoying air bubbles. I'm the type of person that if there are any air bubbles (even if they are tiny!), I will simply remove and bin the protector. So I must say I was skeptical about this product. However, I really wanted to use my new air without a cover and so thought it would be a mistake to not us a protector.

The product came well packaged by amazon. Inside is 2 screen protectors, an instruction manual, a dust removal sticker, a cleaning cloth and a bubble remover. The instructions were actually for the iPhone, but they do the job fine. The bubble remover was more of a hindrance and I found it far more effective to use my fingers to push any bubbles out.
Applying the product is fairly easy, you just have to make sure you line up the holes with the home button and the camera. Most of the air bubbles were easily pushed to the side and the remaining ones disappeared after a couple of hours. Now I'm pretty anal about bubbles as you can tell. I've inspected every inch and can honestly say there are none whatsoever. This is a great result!

Testing on a day to day basis revealed that the screen is a little more comfortable to use in dark environments tanks to its anti reflective properties. And in bright light, I found I didn't have to increase the screen brightness so much to be able to see the screen clearly. The protector is much easier to clean and keep clean then the iPad glass. There is no rainbow effect and I quite like the feel of it.

I would definitely recommend this product. It's for those who not only want the benefits of anti scratch, but also a few other benefit which make using your iPad daily just that bit more comfortable on your eyes!


Mar 11, 2013
Thank you for the review and glad your satisfied with the results

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