Review: Fire Drop


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Jul 5, 2008
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In the long line of "remove similar adjacent tiles" style games, Fire Drop is one of many. It does stand out for a few reasons. One, when you remove tiles, they "burn" up with a cool fire sound effect. Also, it does a very good job of increasing the difficulty as the levels increase. The farther along you get, the more tiles you need to remove, and the faster the tiles advance.

Plus it gives you a tidbit of ancient wisdom for every level you complete.

However, those are really the only things that stand out about this game. The graphics are simple, but they don't have to be complex. The game play is relatively straight forward (although I still can't really figure out the powerups).

The price is right, for free. There is a deluxe version of the game for $1.99 (the graphics look better, and it looks like it is a little more complicated). I am debating buying the version, but the free version is still very playable.

Pros: Free, entertaining way to pass time.
Cons: Not too complex, some features are a little vague.

All in all: Since it is free, I have a hard time knocking it down too much since you aren't risking anything by trying it. Personally, I would prefer a free version to be level limited, but be more similar to the pay version. So because of that, I am only giving it 4 out of 5 stars.