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Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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Limitations. Limitations and Expectations. These are the two words that generally come to mind when I think of home video devices. I have tried so many, and I always run into issues. It won’t do XYZ, or there is a certain feature that really discourages me from liking the unit. Well, I’m happy to say that the Eufy SpaceView HD Wireless Baby Monitor exceeds expectations and doesn’t seem to have any apparent limitations. I know that a baby monitor is a little outside the norm when it comes to what we look at on a daily basis, but having the opportunity to review this product, I thought to myself “hey, I have lots of kids, and I’m sure other people have kids too”, and aren’t you interested in keeping tabs on them? Well, if you are, then you’ll be interested in this device.


Real World Applicability: I come from a large family. I am the second oldest of nine kids, and I have six children myself. I have tried several handfuls of baby monitoring tech that really never amounted to anything other than dressed up version of a walkie talkie, which had entirely too much static, and generally didn’t work very well. Today, I don’t have any babies left in the house. My youngest is 8-years-old, but the real-world applicability is still there. Not so much from a safety perspective, but it’s nice to be able to turn the monitor on an make sure they aren’t a) doing anything unsafe, and b) doing anything irresponsible. On the other side of the coin, using this device for what it’s intended for is also a technological godsend when it comes to keeping an eye on our precious little infants/toddlers. I was a single father for many years in a large house, which meant I was incredibly paranoid about having my 10 -month-old son in a baby bed across the house by himself – which usually meant I had three kids in bed with me at night. This monitor would have been amazing years ago. But equally important, it’s amazing now… and it’s here now!


What Can It Do? I think the better question is “What can’t it do?” Not only does it have a 5” 720p display monitor, but it also has a rechargeable built-in battery!

Here’s a run down of the specs and capabilities:
1. It has a 5” 720p LCD Display
2. It has a built-in 2,900mAh rechargeable battery
3. Offers 7hrs of constant viewing time, and 17hrs in power-saving mode
4. The screen has auto on/off, which can be activated manually or when it detects sound
5. Long range data transmission – 450ft of coverage!
6. It has a 20ft sound pick-up range
7. It’s wall mountable, and comes with the mount and screws
8. It can be connected to multiple cameras
9. It has a normal viewing lens, and a wide-lens adapter!
10. Built-In Thermostat to monitor the temperature in the room

In addition to the specs, here’s what comes in the box:
1. (1) SpaceView Baby Camera
2. A Wall Mount w/installation screws
3. (2) MicroUSB Charging Cables
4. (1) 5” LCD Monitor
5. Wide-Angle Lens Adapter
6. (2) AC Power Chargers
7. Owner’s Manual and Documentation

As you can see from the above-mentioned information, the camera comes with everything you need for setup, and all the features that you need to keep an eye on your kiddos!


Functionality: The SpaceView HD Monitor is easy to setup. There are only a few prompts when you fire it up, and then you’re up and running. The battery on the monitor needs to be plugged in and allowed to charge before you can think about untethering it. When I pulled mine out of the box the battery was completely depleted – just FYI. While you’re charging the battery on the monitor, this is a perfect time to go place the camera where you want it. It’s best to not have the camera next to the monitor because it will emit a high-pitched noise similar to microphone feedback if they are too close, and the volume is turned up. Once you turn on the monitor and get it ready to go, you can start playing around with the features and see how solid the video quality is. The menu is simple and easy to maneuver through, and the controls are straightforward. The monitor has built-in controls on the right side, so you can control the tilt and pitch of the camera, which just happens to swivel almost 360-degrees. The camera has an incredibly impressive 330-degree horizontal viewing rotation, and a 115-degree vertical tilt, which will allow you to keep an eye on pretty much anything. Another excellent feature is the delay-free video feed, which gives you a real-time viewing experience, which is super important when you’re keeping an eye on your baby/kids. Additionally, the camera has a night mode, which automatically adjusts based on the light and shifts to black and white mode when the lights are turned off. The viewing resolution, real-time video and the ability to adjust the angle and position of the camera is really something else! Last but not least, the camera has a button, so you can activate two-way audio, so you can talk to whoever may be in the room or give some encouraging words to your baby when they wake up from their nap. And if that wasn’t enough, the voice activated feature will surely help you rest at ease, knowing that as soon as your baby wakes up, you’ll hear and see them!


Conclusion: The Eufy SpaceView HD Wireless Baby Monitor is on the cutting edge of baby/kid monitoring tech, and I would argue that it’s a nearly indispensable product to have if you have a small child. I would have given an arm and a leg for something of this caliber when my children were younger, and it still has real-world applications now, e.g., keeping an eye on my kids so they’re not destroying themselves, or sneaking out of their room past bedtime! The camera is solid, the video display monitor is top-notch, and the peace of mind that you get from being able to keep an eye on your precious little child is something that’s really hard to put a price tag on. Unfortunately, there is a price tag associated with the SpaceView Monitor – it’s $179.99. However, with that price tag comes a solid product that’s sure to pay itself off in quick measure, knowing that you can check on your baby, or your kids, with the press of a button, or by the voice activation that’s built into the device.

If you’re interested in picking up one of Eufy’s new SpaceView HD Wireless Baby Monitor, you can pick one up for $169.99 through Eufy’s website - https://forums.imore.com/e?link=htt...ceview-baby-monitor%2FT83001D1&token=xks_mShr - It even qualifies for free shipping! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section.

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