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Sep 21, 2008
**NOTE: This app is no longer available as of 9-4-09**

ePhoto is an ingenious application, it allows you to send more than one photo via email to whom ever you wish.

You begin in the program by selecting the photos that you want out of you photo album or camera roll. After each selection of a photo you can either add another photo, clear your selection, clear all your selection (start over) or continue to email. Also if you go to select another image and realize you didn't mean to do that , then you can tap cancel and it will take you to the e-mail screen


After tapping the email button you will be asked to whom you want to send the pictures to and the subject line. You also have the ability to add a message to the recipient underneath the subject line!


After that, if it is your first time you'll have to set up some email settings. The application works as an email app so you'll have to know your email settings. If you have a gmail account, the only thing you need to do is set up an user name and password. Also in this screen you can change the compression settings. Most of the time I keep them at their full resolution, You can compress the picture by 50% (.5) and still have a relatively good picture to send and it really cuts down on the file size.


Once you have completed the setting , they will be saved for when you return to the application and you can change the setting at any time. After the setting screen, tap Send and you will receive a pop up notifying you the progress of the pictures that are being sent and also a confirmation that the email sent.


This is an incredibly handy application and I really recommend it for anybody that likes to send photos via e-mail to friends and family and especially for those that like sending multiple photos to themselves without having to go through the whole routine of syncing with a computer or sending it to themselves via the and have small compressed images.

-Send original uncompressed photos
-Optional compression settings
-Acts as an e-mail client (outgoing only)
-Send multiple pics at once

-Only one receiver at a time
-Must clear images if selecting a new group after sending photos
-Setting up email settings can be intimidating for some.

Normal | Mobile version

Highly Recommended!


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