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Jul 5, 2008
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Cubes is one of the many "select adjacent blocks of the same color" type of games. Idrops, Removem all have the same idea. What makes Cubes different is that it is based on a 3d board, rather than a flat two dimensional surface.

This makes the game very difficult.

Throw in trying to reach a goal with the number of points to get to the next level (points being decided by how many blocks are removed in any move) and you have a challenging game.

Then toss in the fact you can rotate the cube any direction, and depending on the cubes orientation, the remaining blocks will fall down...well, it becomes difficult.

But it is still fun!

Unlike similar two dimensional game, the object isn't just to remove ALL the blocks, but rather to reach a specific goal (in points). Basically, you go to remove blocks, build up points, and try to reach the "goal" to get to the next level. You have a limited number of moves to reach the goal, and if you don't make it, the game is over.

The 3d graphics are nice, although at times the manipulation of the cube is a little difficult. I think I am rotating it one way, and if moves a different way. The only other big problem with the game is that because of the 3d design, sometimes it is difficult to try to select specific blocks to remove - especially if they are towards the inside of the cube.

This game is a no-risk venture. It costs $2.99, but there is a free version to see if you like it first, so you don't have anything to lose! $2.99 is a little higher than I would have liked to see (which remind me, why don't we see any games that end with anything over than $.99), but since you can test it first, I supposed they can charge a little more.

It's a fun game, simply to learn, hard to master. Like some of my others, my daughter likes to play this one as well - sometimes I think she is better at rotating the cube than I am!

Pros: Free lite version, good to replay
Cons: Controls can be a little buggy at times
All in all: A fun game, good for playing when you just have a few minutes (although if you are like me, you will keep on playing after those few minutes are up..."just one more time to beat my score!"). Four out of 5 stars.

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