[REVIEW] Cover-Up Woodback Explorer for iPhone X


Dec 25, 2011
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I want to start out by saying that I couldn't wait to get this case, especially after having the Stone Explorer for my iPhone 7 Plus. There is immediately one difference I want to mention about this Woodback Explorer. In my Stone Explorer review, I mentioned how the lightning port cutout was just a touch too small. I was pleasantly surprised to see, and I verified, that the lightning port cutout is larger on the iPhone X model. It is now wide enough that it should work fine with most, if not all, third-party cables. All the other cutouts are perfect, just like the Stone Explorer. The camera cutout centers the camera in the cutout perfectly as the cutouts for the speaker and microphone do as well, and the mute switch cutout is wide enough that it should be easy to use even if you have large fingers. Another difference made for the iPhone X models is the removal of the + and - etchings on the volume keys. This isn't an issue though because you can still easily feel them out. All the buttons are easy to find by feel alone, which is one thing I love about Cover-Up cases. Just like on the Stone Explorer, the lip that protects the screen is still a little shallow on the Woodback explorer. This is now really the only thing I dislike about Cover-Up cases. I have a screen protector on my phone and I can't see the other side of the lip over the screen protector. I would not recommend placing your phone screen down with a Cover-Up case.


What's the thing I love most about Cover-Up cases? The grip...oh yes, the grip. The grip is so amazingly well done it's hard to praise it enough. It's only on the lower half of each side of the case, but the pimply design of the grip just works so well. You always have a solid hold on your phone. And fidgety people can have fun running their fingers over the pimply design, it's such a satisfying texture. The wood on the back is real wood, and it smells like it. If you're like me and love the smell of wood, the Woodback Explorer brings it. Unlike the Stone Explorer that has to break in, the Woodback Explorer is perfect out of the box. And when you open it, you are immediately greeted with the smell of wood. The wood is inlaid perfectly as well, so there are no imperfections around the edges and the grain is satisfying as well. There are no distracting loops in the grain, just a lot of strain lines in the grain, on mine anyway. It is so beautiful. I chose Mahogany because I love Mahogany, it's not too bright, not too dark, and usually has a grain I like. I am more than pleased with it, I really do love this case. Unfortunately, Cover-Up cases will not play as nicely with my iOttie iTap magnetic Qi charger. Even the thin metal plate iOttie has to go under cases doesn't work well enough because it can't push the case out the little it needs to. This, unfortunately, means the sides of the Woodback Explorer don't sit as flush as they should on the sides and click a little if you push them. I have no doubt the fit would be absolutely perfect if I removed the metal plate. Wireless charging does work with this case though.


I did cover a lot more on my Stone Explorer review as the stone does act and age a little differently than wood does. But everything I love about the Stone Explorer I also love about the Woodback explorer. The camera cutout I mentioned is perfect, and like the Stone Explorer is a generic cutout, but that's all it needs. It's also deep enough to fully protect your camera, and that's as thick as the case gets. I also didn't mention that the mute switch cutout is still just as shallow which really helps with the usability of the mute switch. One thing I didn't mention in my Stone Explorer review is that the top half the case is a harder smooth plastic while the bottom is a soft-touch matte plastic. You'd think this wouldn't be comfortable but it works so well. The only thing that might be annoying to some people is the seam between the two halves, you can feel it on the top and bottom of the case. This doesn't bother me and I almost always have a finger on the bottom of my phone for stabilization. I love Cover-Up cases so much and there's really no way to stress it enough. Cover-Up makes fantastic cases.


The Good
  • Amazing grip
  • Real wood
  • Fantastic build quality

The Bad
  • Doesn't play well with my wireless charger metal plate
  • Tiny lip over the screen
  • Mid-seam isn't as smooth as it could be

I would whole-heartedly recommend Cover-Up cases to anyone, and while the Stone Explorer cases are a little pricey, the Woodback Explorer cases are not. So you love the look and smell of wood, you want great grip and an all-around unique case. Get a Woodback Explorer. You will love it, they are only $24. That's cheaper than the average iPhone case, and you can buy it directly from Cover-Up here.
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