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[REVIEW] Cocones Grapher Folio for MacBook Pro


Dec 25, 2011
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Disclaimer: I know the photos have some blur, I'm still working on getting a more stable setup for larger products.

About Cocones
You may not have heard of Cocones before and despite how many cases I've gone through over the years, I hadn't heard of them either. They are a relatively new company founded in 2011 by Gosia and Raf. Gosia and Raf are a designer couple who founded Cocones in Ireland before moving their studio and workshop to Poland. All their products are made using natural vegetable-tanned Italian leather from family-run Tuscan tanneries and felted Merino wool from Bavaria, Germany. The leather is intended to tan darker and patina with use, as all good leather should. While many felt cases use a polyester felt, Cocones uses only 100% pure undyed wool felt. They use pure wool because it is natural, sustainable, non-abrasive, water repellent, and antistatic. There are many companies that boast such claims with their products, and many times it's true, however, with Cocones I can absolutely attest to the quality of the materials used. Cocones cases are truly beautiful cases.

Grapher Folio
The Grapher Folio case is made for MacBook Pro 13", MacBook Pro 13" (2015), MacBook Pro 13" (Touch Bar) iPad Pro 12.9", iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Pro 9.7", iPad 9.7", and iPad Air. It was designed by, and for, graphics professionals with an understated and contemporary design. The Grapher Folio is made with the aforementioned Bavarian wool and Italian leather, and it holds your device snugly while offering a pen holder and some space for a few other items. It is a simple, yet effective design. I have the Grapher Folio for MacBook Pro and I find that it is more useful than I anticipated. There is ample room for my MacBook and a 70-page spiral notebook or two. The pen I use most, however, doesn't fit in the pen holder. That, unfortunately, only holds slimmer pens. Not that my pen is large, but it does have a rubber grip on it that doesn't really fit through the holder. What really surprised me though is that I was able to fit my MacBook, my Nintendo Switch, a ten-foot USB-C cable with larger charging brick, and some wired earphones in the Grapher Folio without issue. This causes the case to bulge a little, but it does not impede the usage.


I'm not really the biggest fan of folio cases in general. When it comes to folio wallet case for a phone I get ones where the inner case is removable. With the Grapher Folio though, my biggest issue is that you have to carry the case by hand or put it into another bag to carry it. I would love to have a shoulder strap on the Grapher Folio so I could easily carry it around and use it as my main MacBook case. Granted, I would still need to pack it on a trip by trip basis for where I'm going and what I would be doing, but the shoulder strap would still be nice. The design of the Grapher Folio is minimalist, clean, and elegant. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cases I've ever owned. Because of this and how useful it is I can overlook my minor annoyances with it.


I have come to find myself using the Grapher Folio more than a backpack or messenger bag simply because of how much I love the design. Should I find myself needing to carry more than the case allows I can always still throw it in a bag, or my suitcase while traveling to have some added protection. That's one of those scenarios where I found the Grapher Folio to be more useful than I originally expected it to be. It seems the more I use the Grapher Folio the more versatile I find it to be. I am a sucker for good quality cases of all kinds and I get them when I'm able to, and when I find one I like I always tell everyone about it and remember it so I can buy it again if need be. The Grapher Folio is one such case that is going to be added to a list of cases to get in the future when I need a new one.


The Good
High-quality materials
Elegant aesthetics
Beautiful craftmanship

The Bad
A little expensive
Not very versatile
Must be carried by hand or in another bag

I mentioned the Grapher Folio is a little expensive, but at around $100, 87 euros to be exact, that's the be expected with the quality of the materials. Make no mistake, I really had to try to come up with even a few negative aspects to the case. It truly is a beautiful and useful case. I tend to carry more with me at any given time, however, I have learned to downsize a bit with the Grapher Folio. If minimalism is your cup of tea, I highly recommend a Grapher Folio. You can check the Grapher Folio here and all the Cocones products here. I definitely recommend that everyone check out their products. If you want a minimalist, high-quality case, Cocones is hard to beat.​
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