Review: Bix Rating 4


Nov 27, 2008

By: Paddaz
Type: Puzzle Qix clone
Cost: $0.99 or free lite version


Is a puzzle game where the object is to fill the screen. You move a small tracer which rotates around a square. You swipe the screen to make the tracer move into the screen and create filled blocks. You try to fill over 75 percent of the square in order to move on to the next level. As you move around the playing filed you have to be careful not to have any unfinished lines touched by any of the random balls which are bouncing around the screen.

If you are able to trap the balls in a shape you can receive bonus powers. Pink balls, slow, green give a free life, light blue disappear and dark blue respawn.

Enjoy the game and its simplicity. You can just pick it up and play without much thought. I do find that it would have more replay value if you could go back to any level you completed. The first few levels are quite easy and it gets tedious having to complete them over and over.
Paid Version VS Lite Version

The lite version of the game allows you to play a few levels freely.

The paid version I am unsure how many levels are in the full version as I have not been able to get past level 16.

Replay Value: 3.5
This game is quite a fun and simple to play. It is frustrating to have to go back and redo the same levels again and again when you die though.
Graphics: 3
Simple text but it serves its purpose
Fun factor 4
Fun game when you want to play something quick.
Ease of Use: 4.5
The games interface was very intuitive and responsive.

1) You are constantly having to restart when you die from level 1 so it takes a while before it gets challenging again.

Simple to play
Intuitive controls
Can't choose which level you begin at.

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