[REVIEW] Aukey PB-Y18 and Cables


Dec 25, 2011
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The Aukey PA-Y18 Power Adapter is an 18W wall brick that will supply fast charging to any of your devices that support fast charging. It also offers over current protection, over voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and over temperature protection. These are the biggest highlights of the PA-Y18. It has only one USB-C port on it, so you will need a USB-C cable to charge any of your devices. Being able to push out 18W will allow the PA-Y18 to charge devices as you're using them. When I first received the PA-Y18 I did not have a USB-C cable to use to try it out, so I got some Aukey cables as well. I received the CB-CD6 USB-C to USB-C braided nylon cable. The CB-CD6 also offers durable aluminum alloy connectors and steel shielding inside those connector. This is the cable I use most frequently with the PA-Y18 power adapter. Since I use an iPhone, I also got an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable, however, since it is such a short cable, I don't use it often. It does utilize the iPhone's fast charging though. That's not all folks, I also have the Aukey CB-CMD32 ninety degree USB-C to USB-A cables. These are also shorter cables, however, that makes them great to use with a power bank to charge your devices on the go without cables being too terrible in the way. I've been using these cables and the PA-Y18 for a couple weeks now and it has made my charging much less annoying as I can just get my devices charged and they're ready to go again. One of the minor annoyances I have with the PA-Y18 is that the prongs fold in and out. This is a very handy feature when traveling, though I do find it a little annoying in the house unless you're able to just leave it plugged in all the time. One of the best aspects of the PA-Y18 during travel would be if you can snag one of the outlets on a plane. If you can snag one of those outlets, you can use the PA-Y18 to keep a Nintendo Switch charged while playing. This is great for anyone who likes to play the Switch when traveling or have kids that need to be entertained while traveling. The Nintendo Switch is particular about what cables you can use to charge it with, especially the dock. You really can't go wrong with the PA-Y18 if you want a fast charging wall adapter.


The Good
  • USB-C
  • Fast charging up to 18W
  • Affordable

The Bad
  • Requires you have USB-C cables
  • Folding prongs will weaken over time
  • Only one USB-C port



I had to stretch a bit to have any cons at all really with the Aukey PA-Y18 Charging Brick, so they are a little nitpicky. If you're looking for a fast charging wall charger that is compact and can travel with you, the Aukey PA-Y18 is very much worth considering. Pushing out 18W of power means it can sufficiently charge devices such as the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. If your device is fast charging capable, the PA-Y18 will deliver that fast charging so you can get some juice back in your device and get back to doing what's important. It's usefulness in that regard can't be understated. I do highly recommend the PA-Y18 if you want a fast charging wall adapter. You can find the Aukey PA-Y18 for $17 on Amazon right here. You can also find the CB-CD6 USB-C to USB-C cable here, and the CB-CMD32 Ninety Degree USB-C to USB-A cable here.
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