[REVIEW] Aukey PB-Y13 10,000mah Power Bank


Dec 25, 2011
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Power When You Need It
We’ve all been there. You’re out and about, your phone is dying, and you have nowhere to charge. Or maybe you’re just spending your day playing a game like Pokemon Go, yes it’s still popular. I think most of us by now have power banks, maybe with only enough juice to keep your phone from dying, but we have them. Aukey has a fantastic power bank that will charge your phone completely and then some. I mean, 10,000mah is a lot of power, but that’s exactly what you get here. I’ve had a 10,000mah power bank in the past and its usefulness can’t be understated. It will keep your phone going long after it would have normally died. Now, obviously you can use the power bank for more than phones, and you can charge anything you need to charge with it. The Aukey PB-Y13 has a microUSB slot on the side, as well as USB type C, USB quick charge, and USB 2.0 slots on one edge. Yes, it does also allow fast charging. Fast charging from a battery bank is quite a useful feature.


While the microUSB port is only for charging the power bank, at 5V/2A, the USB type C port will allow up to 18W charging for the power bank, or device. The USB type C port works both directions using the Quick Charge 3.0 standard. The USB-A quick charge port follows the Power Delivery 2.0 standard, and the regular USB-A port charges at 5V/2.4A. All with a total output of 18W. If you need a quick top off, the Aukey PB-Y13 will get you there. I tested the charging speed on multiple devices and I just loved seeing the fast charging indicator when I’m using a battery bank. You can monitor how much life is left on the power bank from the side of the device where there is a 4-LED indicator and a power button. I have found that the LED indicator tends to deplete faster than the power bank, so keep that in mind when you think you’re at 50% because you might actually have more time than that. Though it does seem to drain faster than you would think. I would assume this due to fast charging, but still something to keep in mind. Thanks to the USB type C port on the power bank, it charges quickly too using fast charging.


I both really like and dislike the design of the Aukey PB-Y13. It’s a very sleek design and slim in all the right ways. On the front, you have only the Aukey logo, and the back has all the requisite power and safety information. Other than that, there is nothing on the power bank. It comes in two colors, black or white. I have the black one, which is more smoky than black. The front and back casing is mildly translucent which is something I do very much like. What I don’t like is that it is plastic and feels a little flimsy. Not like flimsy in the sense that it will break easily, just that it has a little bit of play in it. The border of the power bank is also made of plastic, though it is a sturdier plastic as it has all the ports running through it. Overall, it gives the PB-Y13 a nice feel. Not a premium feel, but it definitely not a cheap feel either. It gives it the kind of feel you want in a power bank really, one that doesn’t feel like it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to replace, but also one that let’s feel like you can toss it around as you need to.

The Good
  • 10,000mah battery
  • Great feel
  • Fast charging

The Bad
  • Almost feels cheap
  • Not every port allows fast charging
  • Uses power quicker than you would think

The Aukey PB-Y13 Power Bank is a phenomenal power bank for the price. Fast charging in both directions really makes it a steal. Just the right kind of quality and feel you would expect at this price point. So if you’re considering a power bank, or you need one, maybe you just want the fast charging, then, by all means, the Aukey PB-Y13 is one to strongly consider. You can find them on Amazon for $30 right now. So check it out right here.
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