[REVIEW] AUKEY 20000mAh Universal Battery Bank

Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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The tech world is constantly evolving. It seems like just yesterday I was scrounging around trying to find 6 AA batteries to power my Sega Game Gear, or find a way to top off my Nintendo DS when the ominous red light came on, meaning I better make it through the Final Four on Pokemon, before my battery died. Well, fast-forward what seems like light years in the technology world, and you’ll find the answer to most of the problems we had with portable technology for the last 20 years; Power Banks. Power Banks are giant battery power packs that give us the power we need, when we need it. And never too far from the technology forefront is AUKEY, who is here to bring us the new 20,000mAh Universal Power Bank.


What is it: The Power Bank is a serious work of battery-charging art. Essentially, it is a giant battery power pack that you can charge up and take with you on the go, or even use at home. It’s perfect for work, school, camping, or even just to tote around on trips when you know that charging options are going to be scarce. However, this isn’t your regular every day run-of-the-mill charger, it is jam packed with 20,000mAh of recharging goodness. Not only is it a massive battery reservoir, it also helps to straight-pipe the power to your power-thirsty device, recharging them in no time – and it even works with laptops that have a PD port! Putting this into perspective, most phones now ‘days have around a 3,000mAh battery in them, meaning that you can easily recharge your phone 6 full times with this battery pack, when fully charged.


How does it work: The Power Bank is simple and easy to operate. First, you need to charge up the battery back, which is really easy to. The Power Bank comes with a short USB-C charging cable (no adapter), which you can use to power the baby up. This charging base will get you recharged in no time and get you back in the business of recharging other devices. Additionally, the Power Bank has two ports on it: (1) USB-A, and (1) PD Port. The combination of these two ports gives you the flexibility to charge one standard devices and one PD enabled device, all at the same time.


Performance: The Power Bank is a monstrous device in power, not stature. Surprisingly the Power Bank isn’t overly gigantic for being 20,000mAh. The device works incredibly well, and utilizes the latest in PD charging technology (for PD devices such as laptop or other devices capable of utilizing PD technology). The regular USB port maxes out at Quick Charge 3.0, which will get you going again in no time. Quick Charge 3.0 is significantly faster than its predecessors, offering 38% more power efficiency than 2.0. It’s very easy to charge your devices with the Power Bank. There are no magic words or mysterious power buttons that you need to mess with. All you have to do is plug the device into the Power Bank and it will begin charging.


LED-Indicator: The Power Bank has an LED light indicator to let you know how much power is left in the tank. The indicator is made up of four (4) individual LED lights. All four lights means that you’re at 100%, then it goes down in 25% increments – 75%, 50%, and 25%. It would be nice to know how close you’re getting to being empty once you hit the 25% mark, but really it’s not too much of a concern, because that’s still 5,000mAh of juice left, which is enough to recharge any mainstream phone!


Conclusion: The AUKEY 20000mAh Universal Power Bank is the hero that every power user deserves. It has a massive battery, the ability to recharge your laptop if it has a PD connection and can utilize its Quick Charge 3.0 prowess on the single USB output connectors to get you back in the game in no time. It’s durable and well-made, and even has a handy carrying case. This Power Bank is surprisingly affordable, weighing in at a $47.99, which is pretty phenomenal for what you’re getting. And if that wasn’t enough, the Power Bank comes with AUKEY’s super awesome 24-month warranty!

If you’re interested in picking up one of AUKEY’s 20000mAh Universal Power Banks, you can find them on Amazon’s website for the low price of $47.99 - https://www.amazon.com/AUKEY-20000m...ag=hawk-future-20&ascsubtag=UUimUvbUpU3120950 - It even qualifies for Prime 2-day shipping. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comments section.
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Mar 2, 2016
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Thanks for a great review!!!! I really like products by Aukey and Anker, so if I were in the market for another power bank, your review would have sold me!


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Aug 19, 2013
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A word on charging standards, i.e. QC 3.0 vs. 2.0...while some users here would know what that entails (I don't know exactly, but I have a pretty good idea the time difference between 2 and 3), perhaps giving a charge time on a common device, say you went from 30 to 80% on an iPhone X in <insert charge time here>?

This would give those who don't know the QC standards an idea on how fast this charges.

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