[REVIEW] Anker Soundcore Spirit X Earphones

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Mar 28, 2017
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In the time that I have been doing audio accessory reviews, I’ve covered several of Anker’s products in the past. However, today is different. When I was first approached about reviewing these earphones, the language that really caught my attention was “you can put these through the washing machine and they will still work.” So, in a “hold my beer” moment, I went ahead and asked Anker for two pairs and told them that I’d be throwing one set in the washing machine to test this statement out, and would be including my findings in my review… and, amazingly, they were right – they came out clean as a whistle (pun intended). Not that I encourage anyone to go ahead and throw their earphones in the washing machine for fun, but rest assured if you grab a pair of these and forget them in your gym shorts when you wash them, they should come out no worse for wear, and actually cleaner!


Presentation: I have become accustomed to the packaging and cool stuff that Anker likes to throw in with their earphones, and the Spirit X earphones are no different. In fact, in addition to the additional wing and earbud tips that come with it, they even come with a fancy little hard-shell clam case to zip them up in for transportation. As you can see in the photo below, there are four sets of ear bud tips and three sets of ear wings that are included for your individual comfort and fit – which is huge. In wearing earphones, I have always had problems in the past with getting them to fit just right, and also to stay in my ears when I’m running or doing other exercise activities. The Spirit X earphones are fantastic when it comes to fit and comfort for me. Not only was I able to get a snug fit, but the adjustable adapter piece on the earphones cable allows for you to take the slack out of the cable so it’s not flapping around and hitting you while you’re trying to get your workout on. The entire bundle of accessories and comfort fit items are a great companion to the earphones and really helps go a long way with my recommendation for purchasing them.


Sound Quality: The volume and sound quality on the Spirit X’s are better than average, and probably a welcomed treat to people who like strong bass in their sound experience. Overall, the bass is represented well and has really good depth, but it comes at a cost. The vocals are not as pronounced or balanced as well as I would like and the highs are rather weak, depending on the types of music that you listen to. If you listen to rock or pop then you’ll definitely get overwhelming guitar and synth sounds over the vocals and especially hi-hats and anything else in the percussion, other than bass and some snare. Don’t get me wrong… it’s not bad, it’s just not my preference. Also, my hearing is probably a bit more compromised than the average Joe, or Joanne. I spent a decade and a half working around jet aircraft and lots of other loud noises, so… even though I don’t have significant hearing loss, I do need to turn the volume up a bit more on things for my own personal use and preference. I say all of this to follow on to my comments on volume. I wish it was just a smidgen louder (just a wee bit). I like to listen to my music at the edge of comfort and where every once in a while it makes you twinge a little. I don’t walk around listening to music all the time, so when I do listen to it I want it to be loud, and I’m generally not listening to Frank Sinatra or easy listening tunes. So, all that to say that the sound is very good, but if you’re a person who really likes full spectrum sound and overly loud volume, then these might not be for you…


Functionality: The Soundcore Spirit X’s have a familiar control setup, which is quick and easy to use. The control module has the multi-purpose button for on/off, and the volume up and volume down buttons. Other than that, the control module also has the USB connector on it for charging up your earphones. Pairing is a breeze with one-touch pairing. All you have to do is fire up the earphones and select them from the Bluetooth menu on your phone and tap on the earphones when the name pops up, and voila! You’re connected. If you run into any issues, you can hold down the power button for 3-seconds while they’re on to enter pairing mode. The Soundcore Spirit X earphones are rated at 12 hours of continuous playback, which is fantastic, especially if you like to wear them to go to the gym and then forget about them again when you go home. If you have a solid charge and leave them in your gym bag then you should be able to make it through the entire week without charging them even if you use them for two hours a day, five days in a row. The charging port is standard MicroUSB 2.0, and the earphones do come with a charging cord (no base). However, as with all of Anker’s earphones, the USB cord is very, very short, so good luck with charging them in any convenient manner. And last but not least, these earphones are incredibly water resistant – as demonstrated by the hour in the washing machine (to include the spin cycle). Anker incorporated specially designed submarine inspired engineering to help keep the earphones water-safe and protected when submersed – super super cool! So, you can rest easy when carrying these guys around and using them when you’re running, showering, sweating your butt off in the gym, or even if it gets tossed in the washing machine on accident. That definitely helps add a couple of points in my book!


Additional Features and Specs:
- The Soundcore Spirit X are specially coated and designed to be sweat and moisture resistant, so you can use them safely and comfortably while you work out – IPX7 rated!
- Rated for 12hrs of listening time!
- Comes with a MicroUSB 2.0 charging cord, but it’s very short. (charging base not included)
- Fully charged in 1.5hrs
- Comes with a fancy carrying pouch
- Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity (one-touch pairing), and a range of 10m (33ft)
- Includes silicone and memory foam tips and fins so anyone and everyone can find a perfect fit with sublime comfort.


Conclusion: The Soundcore Spirit X’s are well-priced, produce some solid sound and are incredibly waterproof. They can take a washin’ and keep on ticking, and won’t break the bank if you want to pick up a pair. They are really geared towards active wear and use and the sound holds up well, even when you’re listening to the droll of the treadmill, or cruising around town on your bicycle. The bass is strong and the overall sound experience is good, even if the vocals and volume level aren’t quite as high as I’d like them to be; but, that may not be a concern for you. I definitely give them a solid recommend and I think you’ll be happy if you grab a pair.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of Anker’s Soundcore Spirit X earphones, you can find them here, on Amazon for the everyday price of $39.99, with free Prime shipping if you’re a Prime member: https://amzn.to/2N8GOhu - If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down in the comments section!
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