[REVIEW] Anker PowerPort Atom III: A No-Brainer Quick Charger

Jason Cockerham

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Nov 12, 2012
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Anker has long been a name associated with quality accessories for charging up your gadgets. From the smallest cables, to 400Wh (watt hour) power stations that can charge even the kitchen sink, Anker makes a wide range of products to keep your gadgets juiced up no matter where you are.

They recently launched a new line of wall chargers with a new charging standard they call Power IQ 3.0. This new standard allows you to quickly charge up your mobile gear with via USB-C which is nice to see given that most mainstream gadgets have been using USB-C for a while. The charge I have is the PowerPort Atom III and spoilers, I love it.

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PowerPort Atom III.jpg

As far as design goes, this is your standard, square shaped wall charger. It comes in white and black (the white is very sleek) but has a couple nice touches that are very welcome. First, the metal prongs that you plug into the wall actually fold into the body of the charger. This may seem insignificant, (and in the grand scheme of things it is) but I really appreciate it. Most wall chargers, especially for phones, don’t have prongs that fold in. For road warriors and those that carry around charges in their bags on a daily basis, it’s a very welcome feature.

The second nice touch is a little blue light that shines while it’s plugged in. This again may seem insignificant but as someone who works a lot on the go, there have been times where I have run into a wall outlet that doesn’t work for some reason and either just didn’t notice it, or it flickered out after a few minutes of charging and my phone didn’t get charged. Having a little blue light that can verify the outlet is working is something I’m happy to see.

Other than that, the charger has two ports on it. One is a Power IQ 3.0 USB-C port which is great for MacBooks or other computers or large gadgets that use USB-C, and the other is a Power IQ 2.0 standard USB port, perfect for phones, headphones, or anything else you have that charges over USB.


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Ok, so what’s the big deal with Power IQ 3. — whatever it is? Well essentially it is what you may have heard of as “smart charging.” The USB-C port will intelligently charge your device at the fastest possible speed it can safely handle up to 45W. That means whatever you plug into it, the charger will know how fast it can charge the product without damaging it and will give it the most possible juice it can up to 45W.

For comparison, the MacBook Air ships with a 30W charger so that gives you an idea of how much power this charger can put out. Note: The way Apple has designed it’s computers, using a higher wattage charger will not necessarily charge your laptop any faster. However, an iPad or iPhone will charge much faster using this charger.

The other port is a standard USB port that use Anker’s Power IQ 2.0 technology which can charge at speeds of up to 15W. The main reason for the difference in charging speeds is just due to the technology. USB-C is a newer standard and USB-C cables and ports are designed to handle more power than standard USB cables and ports.

The “smart charging” part still works though so anything that can handle 15W speeds will charge at those speeds. Most flagship phones nowadays can handle those speeds which is nice. Phones that have even faster standards such as OnePlus phones will use the full 15W speed.

The best part is that this charger can actually use both quick charging standards at the same time so you don’t have to sacrifice one device for the other. If you have two things plugged in that can handle the highest allowed charging speed, then the charger can push both at the same time. That’s really nice to see.

Final Thoughts

Ok, so what’s the big deal? It’s just a charger right? Yes, it is just a charger but for me, it’s one of the most useful chargers I’ve ever used. I have other small and really portable chargers, but they aren’t fast chargers so I’m still tethered to the wall for hours whenever I need to juice up.

My favorite part of this charger is that I can charge my MacBook Pro and my phone with the same charger, and they’ll both charge at pretty good speeds.

I work on the go quite often and travel occasionally as well so I love being able to carry one charger than can handle all my needs.

Regardless of whether you’re a road warrior or someone who’s just looking for a more convenient way to quickly charge up your gear, for just over $40, I can’t recommend the PowerPort Atom III highly enough.

Pick yours up from Amazon [URL="https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PWC32ZD?_encoding=UTF8&tag=hawk-future-20&ascsubtag=UUimUvbUpU3154072]here[/URL].

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