[REVIEW] Anker PowerCore+ 19000 PD Power Bank

Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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Anker makes a ton of wonderful products. I can make this statement because I’ve had the opportunity to review many of their different products over the past couple of years, and now I have had an opportunity to review my first ever battery Power Bank. Well, I’m happy to say that the PowerCore+ 19000 PD Hybrid Portable Charger works just as well as their other products, and even does a great job recharging them.


What is it: The PowerCore+ 19000 is a serious work of battery-charging art. Essentially, it is a giant battery power pack that you can charge up and take with you on the go, or even use at home. It’s perfect for work, school, camping, or even just to tote around on trips when you know that charging options are going to be scarce. However, this isn’t your regular every day run-of-the-mill charger, it is jam packed with 19,000mAh of recharging goodness. Not only is it a massive battery reservoir, it also helps to straight-pipe the power to your power-thirsty device, recharging them in no time – and it even works with laptops that have a PD port! Putting this into perspective, most phones now ‘days have around a 3,000mAh battery in them, meaning that you can easily recharge your phone 6 full times with this battery pack, when fully charged.


How does it work: The PowerCore+ 19000 is simple and easy to operate. First, you need to charge up the battery back, which is really easy to do with the included Anker USB-C wall charger. This charging base will get you recharged in no time and get you back in the business of recharging other devices. Additionally, the PowerCore+ 19000 has three ports on it: (2) USB-A, and (1) PD Port. The combination of these three ports give you the flexibility to charge two standard devices and one PD enabled device, all at the same time.


Hub Mode: As if battery charging and awesomeness wasn’t enough, the PowerCore+ also functions as a hub for your laptop, when connected through the PD port. The battery pack becomes an extension of the laptop and the two USB connectors can be used to plug peripherals into your laptop, indirectly. Pretty cool, huh? To enter HUB mode, all you have to do is press and hold the multifunction button for two (2) seconds.


Performance: The PowerCore+ 19000 does have its limits. It cannot jump the dead battery in your car… As advertised though, the PowerCore+ contains enough juice to fully charge your 2017 MacBook Pro once (in only 2hrs!), an iPhone X up to 4.5x, or a Galaxy S9 up to 4.8x, which is just incredible. The PowerCore+ has built-in technology that tells the charger exactly how much power to use on each device that it charges, maximizing the available battery power to give you a solid, dependable recharge, as quickly as possible. Additionally, the PowerCore+ will recharge from empty in 3.5hrs, using the included 30W charger and USB-C cable. The PowerCore+ is capable of using all three ports at once, at the following power out levels: Charge your entire mobile workstation all at once with (1) 27W USB-C Power Delivery port, (1) 15W USB PowerIQ 2.0 port, and (1) 10W USB PowerIQ port. Hub Mode transforms PowerCore+ into a high-speed data syncing hub, enabling you to connect extra accessories to your computer.


LED-Indicator: The PowerCore+ has a circular LED indicator on top of the batter pack, which lets you know how much power you have left in the tank. The indicator is made up of 10 different individual LED lights. At 100%, all 10 of them are lit up. However, the manual says that when it gets down to one light, it means that there is only 5% battery left. Fret not though, the battery lasts forever in this thing. I’ve been using it to charge my two phones for the last two days and haven’t got below 30% battery!

Conclusion: The Anker PowerCore+ is the hero that every power user deserves. It has a massive battery, the ability to recharge your laptop if it has a PD connection and can utilize its QuickCharge 3.0 prowess on the dual USB output connectors to get your back in the game in no time. It’s durable and well-made, and even has a handy carrying case. And if that wasn’t enough, Anker even threw in one of its 30W power adapters to get it recharged in a flash. The only drawback with this product is the price… It’s $129.99, which may be a big negative for some people. However, if you’re in the market for one and have the cash to spend, then you won’t be disappointed. This is one fantastic piece of charging tech, and it will take care of all of your on-the-go power supply needs!

If you’re interested in picking up one of Anker’s PowerCore+ 19000 PD’s, you can find them directly on Anker’s site which mirrors to Amazon, for $129.99. It also qualifies for Prime 2-day shipping. Here’s the link: https://forums.imore.com/e?link=htt...-usb-c-wall-charger%2FB13621A1&token=sCn0Oes4 - As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comments section.


Jul 22, 2019
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My power banks usually break down after a while... I do not know about this one but my friends had the same problem with other power banks too. have you used it yourself?


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Oct 29, 2013
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Too much money for my liking,but Anker charger packs seem to last very well for me, my little tube style one is about 3 years old now and still works fine

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