Review: Amy A.I.


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Sep 21, 2008
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Amy A.I. is an app in which you ?chat? to Amy A.I. via the app. The little app took some time to load, but once it was open it was quite entertaining.


Even at some point the A.I. made me laugh because of its replies (which is impressive). However [n]it can get confused at times,[/b] thus confusing you. You can see the dialog in some of the screenshots to see what I mean.


?Speaking? with Amy is much like using any other instant messenger.


The app has only one option: language selection.


I found this to be quite entertaining, as I switched over to Spanish. Amy?s ?brain? loaded very quickly and I was able to communicate in Spanish. The language selection is a great little feature if you want to work on you 2nd language communication skills. Other languages also include French, Italian, & German. I however, have not tried any of these, as I am not familiar with any of those languages.


-Unique app
-Very easy to use

-Amy?s brain is not very broad
-Does not recognize IM jargon (exe. idk, lol, etc.)

In the end I would like to see what updates come of this. I?d like to see Amy?s brain a bit more extensive on topics. Like the ability to ask questions that you would normally look up in an encyclopedia or something to that affect. Have the ability to make her mad,, (making her end the session/app). Amy seems to ?nice.? The A.I. never seems to fluctuate moods.
For some people that would like to get some stuff off their chest, this might be the app for you?you might even Ask Amy what she thinks. This app is highly recommended if you want to work on your language communication skills and if you just want to be entertained, then it?s still recommended.