Returning an iPhone


Jun 10, 2010
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I've been doing my homework regarding the Verizon iPhone and due to upgrade dates on AT&T I'm thinking Verizon is the way to go to get the phone at the subsidized price in February. My one worry is that Verizon's service will actually be worse for me than AT&T's was.

Who knows what office or building will be a dead zone for Verizon. I don't have any technophile friends who would want to go on a trip around town with their VZW phone to test the service. So what happens if for some reason I'm upset after the first few days and don't want to be on The Network?

I know there is a 14-day window to return, but my confusion lies in what you actually do if you return the phone. Could I go back to AT&T? I'm sure they'd be glad to have me but could I go back to my old contract? Get my ETF back? Most importantly, can I re-port my number back? I know that there's been no way to switch between carriers from one iPhone to another, so this is uncharted territory somewhat, but hopefully someone out there can lend some guidance.


Sep 7, 2010
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- If you pay AT&T an ETF (cancellation fee), then you will go back to AT&T as a new customer, and you will be able to sign up for service under a new contract (and you will be able to buy the iPhone at discount).

- Yes, you can re-port your telephone number (i think they charge if you do it too often, but once the should not charge).

...honestly though man, you need to do the research first before you switch, so you know how service is in your area before you make the switch, because if you do switch and go through all this only to come back to AT&T, you'll have spent enough money to prob do an early upgrade on the iphone right now with AT&T anyways...(assuming you're asking all this because you don't have an iPhone and want to upgrade quickly to get one).