Returned my Power Beats Pro's


Feb 6, 2012
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So a week ago I got the PowerBeats Pros. I initially LOVED them and it hurts me that I had to return them.

  • Audio quality was superb. Definitely loved the audio quality when listening to music compared to my gen-1 Airpods.

  • Battery life. 9 hours of use is impressive. I could go all day with them and not have to worry about charging them. It was awesome.

  • H1 chip like the AirPods made them extremely convenient. Pairing was magic. Take one out and music pauses. Put it back in and music resumes. list of con's outweigh my pro's though and as a result, I couldn't keep them.

  • God are they uncomfortable for me. I couldn't keep them in my ear longer than maybe 20-30 minutes without having to readjust or give my ears a break. The hook around the ear hurt after a while. Also inside my ear wasn't comfortable. I tried switching the buds to no avail. The buds that were more comfortable to me sacrificed audio quality. And at that point...what's the point??

  • Call quality for those on the other end. Coming from my Airpods, which did a great job at drowning out background noise, these were pretty poor. People would frequently complain about how loud my background was. Considering I use them for phone calls often as I hate holding my phone (first world problems, i know) this wouldn't work.

So overall...although I enjoyed them...the list of cons make them unreasonable considering the price point. If I'm going to pay $250....I need those items to at least be on par with my Airpods and preferably better.

So that's my experience. I took them back and grabbed a pair of 2nd-gen AirPods instead. And just like I loved the gen-1...I love these as well.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Hey, it happens. At least you tried them out before deciding to return them.


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Aug 20, 2013
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I am picking up a pair of red ones today on sale at best buy for 149. Did a lot of reading and for the price these headphones are the best will review once I have them for a week or so.

I just picked them up From Best Buy They matched apples price of 149 today . I've tried them for the last 15 or 20 minutes they feel great and Sounds good it's just the sounds not that loud I guess it doesn't allow you to go that loud . I will review later in the week after I've tried them out for a longer period Of time But as of now they seem to be pretty good .
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