Rethinking the review system in the App Store


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Oct 13, 2012
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I don't want to review apps. I certainly don't want to be repeatedly asked to review the same app. I d like to see reviews in the App Store redesigned. I don't want to write a review because I don't want to read a random review. The App Store will have 10000 reviews for an app but it comes across as a random sampling of people who decided to opine on the app. Not to mention there are professionals who review apps and do a better job.

I would rather write a tweet size comment on how the app is useful, where it didn't meet my expectations, and my hopes for future versions of the app.
Along side this there could be links to the app reviews that were found to be most helpful be they links to websites or user reviews.

Instead of the app asking me to keep rating the same apps over and over again it could ask what is this app useful for? Do I have any complaints? How does it stack up against competitors the App Store knows I've already tried? That information could be aggregated to help users find the best stuff which would make the competition more clear and push apps forward.
Searches should show similar apps that might solve the problem and
when you click on what the app is useful for there should be a table comparing common uses and complaints among top competitors
Most of the complaints will be fair criticisms. Some will be asking for the app to go to the next level but overall it will be much more useful than the current App Store review system.

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